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  1. Pavel Datsyuk Question?

    Really? Then why do you guys hate the Lakers?
  2. Pavel Datsyuk Question?

    I would never compare Kobe to Crosby. I would compare Dwayne Wade to Crosby since they're both young and have won a championship. Acutally no I'm not a Lakers fan. In fact, I hate the Lakers but I'm only started this topic because I thought Red Wing fans would like the Lakers as their 2nd favorite team and I thought Datsyuk was talent wise like Kobe.
  3. Pavel Datsyuk Question?

    No. I couldn't tell that you were joking. And how come hockey fans aren't like basketball fans? And yes I have seen the commercials.
  4. Pavel Datsyuk Question?

    Sorry for not being clear but I was talking about on the court or on the ice. I'm not talking about off the ice or off the court issue. I know Datsyuk doesn't have off the ice issues unlike Kobe. I'm just comparing their talent.
  5. Pavel Datsyuk Question?

    Ok well I thought Wings fans would love the Lakers but since you don't, why do you hate the Lakers?
  6. Pavel Datsyuk Question?

    No I don't. Y r u comparing Datsyuk to Lebron?
  7. Pavel Datsyuk Question?

    No, I'm not saying all of you are bandwagon jumpers. I was trying to say that if the Lakers are struggling, you would still cheer for them just like when the Wings struggle, you would still cheer for them. Also, you guys could like the Lakers because it's a personal choice maybe.
  8. Pavel Datsyuk Question?

    How is Kobe and Datsyuk polar opposites? I'm saying Datsyuk is the Kobe in the NBA because he's in the top 10 in scoring, he plays for a successful franchise and he won lots of championships just like Kobe. And no I'm not high, I don't understand why this is a bad comparison? They both know how to win games.
  9. Pavel Datsyuk Question?

    Just out of curiousity, does anyone think that Pavel Datsyuk could be the Kobe Bryant of the NHL since both Kobe and Datsyuk are both 1 of the best players in the league, they both are in the top 10 in points and they both play for a very successful franchise. But the thing is that I'm not sure if Datsyuk is cocky on the ice to his opponents and very vocal like Kobe to his team. Besides, Datsyuk plays for the Wings and Kobe plays for the Lakers which I think a lot of Red Wings fans love. I think most Wings fan love the Lakers as their 2nd favorite team since both teams have a good history with lots of rings and they're both in the Western Conference.
  10. Pavel Datsyuk Question

    Does he trash talk to other players on the ice? If so, how often does he do it? Yeah most ppl are humble to the media. I mean is he humble on the ice?
  11. Pavel Datsyuk Question

    Since I don't follow the Red Wings a lot, I was wondering the following things about Datsyuk: - Is he a selfish or unselfish player? - Is he humble and if he's humble, how often does he trash talk? - Does he hog the puck a lot? I know he's a Lady Byng candidate so I know that Datsyuk takes very few penalty and he rack up points. I would just like to learn more about him so I'm not trying to sound mean. I just need clarification.
  12. Music being played at Game 1

    No. the song wasn't Welcome to Detroit. The song played in the 1st period so does anyone know what songs were played in the 1st period. It happened around 2 minutes left in the 1st.
  13. Music being played at Game 1

    Well is there a website that says which song was being played at the Joe game by game? If so, where?
  14. Music being played at Game 1

    Does anyone know what song was being played at the Joe tonight? I'm actually looking for a song that played around 2:05 left in the first period when the play stopped. It's kinda like a rap song but does anyone know the song and artist for the song being played around 2:05 in the first period?
  15. NBA FINALS: Celtics Vs. Lakers

    No, I didn't say I think the Lakers are gonna win. All I said was that Red Wings fans should root for the Lakers as Lakers fans root for the Red Wings. U think the Lakers are gonna win? I don't.