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  1. Rumor: Hossa leaving after this season

    He's second behind Datsyuk for total points and is the top goal scorer for the team - hasn't found his niche - WTF?
  2. Post Everytime You Look

    Slap Shot.
  3. Post Everytime You Look

    Seven is very disturbing.
  4. Post Everytime You Look

    You should do an old Albert and Costello movie and do like a science fiction theater thing.
  5. Post Everytime You Look

    Well since I'm just a newbe I'll stay out of the movie selction but I woun't mind joining in watching it.
  6. Mats Sundin

    Thats true.
  7. SI: Best GM of 2007-08?

    Somebody needs to tell the writer of that article that he is supposed to switch his man love to the cup winning team every year.
  8. Post Everytime You Look

    No I'm the poor soul who missunderstood when he said Professor Plum I though he ment "The Professor". I sure feel like a maid thou.
  9. Ovechkin to the NFL?

    Thanks for a good laugh!!
  10. Post Everytime You Look

    I knew it he was just blowing a lot of hot air with all that professor stuff.
  11. Post Everytime You Look

    How many different endings did they do?
  12. Post Everytime You Look

    Now I've had it I thought Professor Plum liked me. Miss Scarlett better watch her back!!
  13. Post Everytime You Look

    This is like a bad car accident you can't help but look. And thanks for the welcome, and the warning, but I think I can handle it.
  14. beers!

    The kind that gets me drunk. The current flavor is Coors light.
  15. Post Everytime You Look

    Okay I looked and now I'm posting. I just regestered today and still reading most of the current topics. I have been posting over at DRW.com for a while now but it's getting really slow over there and I am in need of hockey anyway I can get it. I am a 37 year old mother of 3 and have been a hockey fan for at least 36 years.