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    ducks town :so cal loves wings and not ducks::
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    im a cartoonist that does a lot of skulpture but also can do potraits. <br />enjoy practicing hockey a bit even if i stink.<br />play piano a little bit.<br />im very into hockey history.

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  1. The Official 2008 Detroit Lions Thread

    LOL!!!! sorry. LOL t shirts??? hahaha well this is just one horrible season who knows what the next will be.. maybe better maybe the same. que sera sera youll never know waht your gonna get cause liaff is liahhk a box o chocolate.
  2. Vote Detroit as TITLETOWN

    heh it would be fun tho if the tigers got in playoffs and started to kick @$$ hoped the pistons would have but noooooooooooo @#$# celtics!! theres always hope ehy
  3. Igor Larionov

    heh i can read cyrillic. . just cant understand russian 100% i just pick peices of words but not much just one word . hey cant blame me for trying ehy?
  4. Branching out

    i think that the MLB needs to branch out a bit more . most of our proffessional teams are either in canada or the usa and thats it. i think its about time that baseball added mexico or puerto rico mlb teams because a lot of thier good players come from there. plus they are just south of the border if people are just too lazy to have mlb teams in japan (would love a mlb team from kyushu). would be best to put them in the national league because doesnt national mean all over the world? well then again you do see teams like toronto in the american league and toronto is canada. heck it might be interesting if the nhl even added russia , sweeden, and czechoslovakia nhl teams. in there then for sure it would be "national" just my take on it guys. i think anything national needs to be officially "national" not just imported. would be hard for the american fans to watch but then again it shouldnt just be all about us.
  5. Are you really a wings fan?

    i dont get cable or any thing that helps me be able to see it but i do listen to it online if my classes dont interfere. even if i dont get a chance to watch it every game. i do read their history books. i am reading detroit redwings illustrated history already read detroit redwings original six by brian mc farland or however you spell his name. reading what it means to be a redwing. also looking through some of the stuff in the total hockey encyclopedia. doesnt mean i know everything cause i forget things right away. when it comes to math yah i forget stats qickly but i dont just read it once. i study it. try to review it in the forums sometimes or review by talking about it to people who arent even hockey fans hahahahahah and dont know what the heck im talking about. they just nodd thier head and go."ohhhhhhhhh" and walk away thinking im crazy. when i go to the games or even watch it at a bar i call the game doing play by play. i take snide remarks from wearing my wings jersey during offseason at a baseball game. im a nut for the history. heh everyone loves gordie in the books i read. such funny sense of humor. favorite quote from him is "its better to give than to recieve" and he means hit wise. hahaha he retired when i was born so i missed out.
  6. Scotty says NO to Chicago

    scotty bowmans a god!! want to keep him a redwings god.
  7. Niedermayer to decide by tomorrow

    yah i noticed no selanne this season only corey pery and he seemed to be holding up the team pretty good so far. they could do good probably without them.
  8. Your one day with the cup

    hah awesome ! when you take it to anaheim with you hahah tell me about it ! id come with you and invite all my other fellow wings fans to come parade with you! id be in my detroit redwings uniform and if any other wings fan dont have a jersey id let them borrow a jersey. we would be chanting "lets go red wings!!" over and over again annoyingly to everyone. however no one would cast a stone at you. they arent passionate hockey fans here just fairweather so whats the fun? this seriously isnt a hockey town. i see someone wearing a black hawks t- shirt and i go off asking him who his fav player is, why does he like the blackhawks, etc. and the guy doesnt even know what a puck is.(true story)
  9. NBA FINALS: Celtics Vs. Lakers

    what do the fans do in california that make you not like the california teams? just wondering.
  10. Your one day with the cup

    ahh well we are fans and as fans we become a part of the team therefore we earned it. thats what i belive. heck i think james norriss's wife even has her name etched in the cup and she didnt even play on the team. how bout that . maybe i should do the same ehy ahhahaha!! j/k things i would do is. study all the names on the cup like a nerd. with my total hockey encyclopedia out. create a shrine for it and worship it. take it to the closest hockey rink. haha maybe take it to saikoji, kumamoto , japan to my familys buhdist temple and have the priest use it as a gong. hahah that means he might have to stand up to hit it ehy? hahahah while i visit my dads ashes. or get my bird wingnut to finaly take a bath with it. (well that bird may have light yellow and orange feathers but to me they look red and white) lol my mom probably would use it as a drum for a musical instrument. maybe make a mold of all the etchings of the cup . would be a cool thing to use for weight lifting. ::heheh i loved that persons idea that they would go parade around colorado with it wonder if he would paint it red and white:: wonder if anyone would also burn Leafs in it :: loved reading about the rivalry:: hah maybe even parade around with it in pitsburgh. (wait you might get smashed for that hahaaah) id love to see my little 4 year old niece dance around it chanting "lets go redwings" heheh i taught her how to chant that when she was i think 2 or 3 , i had her chant that to me over the phone for my birthday on june 16 last monday . id love to go see vladdy and have him touch it again. probably use the cup to have people put money in it for donations to help the earth. to help the earth helps every creature on earth. (dont forget we are creatures) oh id do tons of stuff like that.
  11. Looking For Just One Highlight/Music Video

    i loved that. god beatiful hits in that one. wow!!
  12. Top moments in NHL history?

    is there video on this?? i wanna see !! lol!!
  13. NBA FINALS: Celtics Vs. Lakers

    why is that? is it because of the fans? (i have to agree on raider fans a lot of those are thugs) team in general in way they play? lack of suport from hockey fans on thier home team in reg season? (well for ducks anyways i wonder if that changed since the 90s they were really dressed as seats and most were redwing fans. maybe it had something to do with being very young back then, i had to photograph lack of attendance) dont know bout kings or sharks fans. just wondering why .
  14. NBA FINALS: Celtics Vs. Lakers

    well one thing for sure is that the lakers quit playing . there was a huge low point where the lakers were down like 30 points in the 3rd quarter and im like... ohh the celtics just made the lakers thier B@#$ holy @#$# the celtics found so many opportunities with the lakers and even just grabbed the ball out of the lakers hand. something i would have considered even illegal. but eh. refs only have 2 eyes. ahhahahah should have seen that one tho. turn overs were the things that the lakers let happen a lot . bostons defense really put them in the bind cause thier defense was very agressive. it was like offensive deffense. the lakers also had problems with 3 pointers. its a wonder how they even were able to advance from thier poor 3 pointer shot ability. heck that williams guy from the jazz was a great 3 point shot :: impressed me :: lakers should have just kept rushing the ball instead and keep an eye out for the celtics defense. when kobe was being interviewed by the people all he could respond was "well play the same game every time " bla bla bla well if you are sucking you should change your game up to confuse your opponents. all i can do is criticisze ahah even if i cant play to the caliber they are playing. heck id get in tons of foul trouble cause i have a bad habbit of tackling . hahahahhaha id get ejected hahahahahah. if the lakers played the pistons . i would be completely neutral. if pistons won the championship i would be excited cause 2 teams would have won the championship in detroit. if lakers won id be cool with it cause i could go to a championship parade. but things were not to be for me. the celtics won the championship but they really deserved it. i thought the lakers /jazz series was more exciting over all. every thing felt close. blow outs can bore me.
  15. Vintage Datsyuk

    i wish i can do a back hand shot like that! need to practice on things like that and get that puck up like he did. im the worst at backhand shots.