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  1. the red wings have been going through cycles for the past 20 years, only detroit's "ruts" are making it to the second round. despite the competetiveness of the league with the institution of the salary cap, you still just have to be better than 50% of the teams in the league to make it into the playoffs... not to mention if the wings move to the east. you don't have to be the best in your division or the wild card race. because the red wings have kept the same ownership, managment, and more recently committed to babock's coaching style, they will never have to undergo a serious rebuilding period that many teams including the powerhouses of the 90s have gone through.
  2. im sick of san joses diving did you see thorton whining to the ref?!
  3. My vote goes to Helm but unsung hero is hands down Drapes. I was at Games 3 and 4, and I don't think how well Draper played tranistioned over onto TV... he was blocking shots, causing turnovers and played with more intensity than a player half his age. Lidstrom worried me a little bit, he got rocked in Game 3 in the corners and struggled the remainder of the game.It was especially evident when he was managing the puck on the power play. In last night's game in the second period there was a pretty bad turnover. My standards for Mr. Norris could be a little high, and I could just being too hard on him, but hoping all the rest will do him good.
  4. Chicago's ESPN 1000 reported the Hawks are in talks to possibly deal Patrick Kane and Marty Turco to Buffalo for Ryan Miller... take it for what it's worth. But there has been a lot of behind the scenes drama with Kane in the organization that I would be surprised by the trade but not shocked.
  5. of course the wings only have one player... the guys picking the teams are from the penguins and blackhawks
  6. Anyone else sad the Wings are away the night before Thanksgiving. When was the last time the Wings didn't play at home on the Wednesday before... and of all places Atlanta? Sorry if there is a thread already on this, but this is really screwing up a favorite Thanksgiving tradition.
  7. good fight but boulton shouldve removed his helmet!win goes to erskine
  8. anyone got a pic of him. i know he used to work for the cleveland indians
  9. matt brown vp sales charged with child porn and is in fbi custody link is below
  10. caught the tale end of a new story on channel 4 just now. something about the red wings and a porn sale. can't find it anywhere online and came on here to see if anyone knew anything about it
  11. anyone have a stream? the one thats posted isnt working
  12. i was at the finals game 5 in 08 and game 7 in 09, trust me i hate crosby as much as the next red wings fan, but i have to give the guy credit because with the exception of a few questionable comments during the finals, he is a great representation of the nhl. look at the other young talent, you are not going to see crosby at a strip club like ovie, getting in a fight with a cab drive over 10 cents like kane.... or half naked boozing in a limo on game night.
  14. does anyone have a stream?
  15. fan wise possibly... economically no