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  1. Glad to see a Wings victory tonight. Definitely a nail biter at the end! I have been sick of seeing Filpula pass behind the net ALL season long. It just seems like a lazy play to me. Also, not sure I agree with those opposed to Smith, I would take him over Quincy any day of the week. I wish he would sit and they call up White! Anyway, love my Wings and hope they crush em next game. GO WINGS!
  2. Andreas Lilja

    I am sorry, I have tried to support Lilja up to this far. He absolutely sucked last night. He should NOT have been in on the 5 on 3 situations or the penalty kills at all for that matter. He is slow, he is sloppy, and he doesn't deserve his current roster spot in my opinion. Sit him and see if he improves, but why not give someone....anyone else a chance to fill his spot. They can't do much worse! Just my opinion. Thanks for letting me rant. Aimee