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  1. I said it then and Ill say it now... Canadian Bias. Simple reason was the media was and is still is biased towards Canadian players. There is no way meathead Jackman should have won.
  2. 10/16 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Coyotes 1 (OT)

    Short bench will be a concern. Coyotes are going to make this a very physical game. Plus some of the bigger more physical players in Abdelkater and Ericsson are out. Doan will look to continue where he left off in the playoffs and will be getting some of his residual frustrations out by hitting everything that moves, Kronwall and Stuart better be up to the task for evening the playing field. This is also their home opener and they have stated they are trying to make their barn known as a tough place to play. Wings will need to score early and take momentum because if they get it, it will be a long night.
  3. should there be another team in the NHL?

    Really depends on what the league is trying to do. If everyone is content and wants to keep the league and the fan base how it is and maybe make some more money, by all means go to Winnepeg, Quebec and Hartford. Continue to be the 4th tier league and possibly be passed by the World Poker Tour and MMA in fanbase and profitability. You will always have a solid fanbase in Canada that much is sure. It will not grow the sport and may actually contract the fanbase. It seems that as the native Canadians are declining in number and immigrants are becoming more common the traditional Canadian sport is actually becoming less popular. hockey on the decline in Canada. So that leaves the ol' USA... and where are the people going in the US? Wait.. they are leaving the "Traditional Hockey Markets" ie Cold States and moving to the "Sun Belt" where everyone wants to contract. Oh and by the way... more players are being drafted out of California, Nevada and even Arizona than Oregon and Washington. So much for the "strong developmental programs there". I don't understand why people seem to think that Hockey can only exist where it is cold. You seem to view it as a reward for having to live in an icy hell for 5 months. If that is true then we are really on our way back to an original 6 senario. Also another hint... Joe American fan living in the markets where the NHL needs to be to grow and be healthy doesn't want a rivalry with Winnepeg or Quebec. That is like having a rivalry between Toronto and Bakersfield. One it a giant metro area and the other a backwater. How do you even get behind that? Even if they do go back to the smaller Canadian cities does anyone see that as a good thing? What good will it do the league in the long term to have a team in a city like Winnepeg? It has 700k people and is growing at a rate of like 2% that means in 25 years at that rate it will be the size of one of Phoenix's suburbs. It may be profitable in the short term but anything that makes them a good choice now truly shows the the NHL is in trouble. What needs to happen is the NHL needs to continue to grow the game by going to the areas where there are a lot of people and selling the sport. It is an awesome sport and people will become fans if they see it for what it is. If the NHL goes backwards to smaller markets it will take that much longer to reach the top tier again.
  4. Joe Louis the crumbling arena

    So who is going to pay for the new arena? Ilitch? ..... he probably could but would hesitate to do it. But doesn't he own a giant plot of land right by the Hockeytown Bar? With the state of the City of Detroit's budget does anyone think they can justify paying 300+ mil for a new arena? Public funding for sports team arenas not really envogue right now. Not really liking where this is going.....
  5. 1/2 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Coyotes 1

    Seriously? First it was a clean hit, second review the PHX vs Vancouver game. Phoenix is like a pack you go after one, they will all come out. Recap of Vancouver game - Burrows slashed Vrbata, they scored on the ensuing powerplay and then the entire Coyotes team just started hitting everything in sight. That slash fueled the Coyotes to the win. Best bet with a depleted line up is to play the game and just try to score and keep them out of it. Don't give them anything emotional to feed on.
  6. Ericsson Upbeat about injury

    So who on the Wings is going to sort Doan out? Doan could hold his own or win against anyone on the Wings roster and I don't think any of the players even think it is anything that deserves a confrontation. Some of Doan's recent fights. Not against fighters but some pretty tough players. Next question is with the injuries the Wings already have do they really want to go down this road? They are simply not built for the rough game.
  7. #11 Stanley Cup Window Decal

    Very nice, and for less than a beer at the Joe.. I bought one to match my white winged wheel for my car. Hopefully next year you get one with a 12. Need to replace the ad on ebay. Cheers
  8. Phoenix area fans

    Wow ... nothing.... How about: If you live in Phoenix and would like to get together with other Red Wing fans to play euchre or watch games reply or pm me
  9. Phoenix area fans

    Is there an organized Wings fan group that anyone knows of? I know is more Wings than Coyote fans when they play here so there has to be something. Anyone have a contact? Please Post or PM me with any info Thanks
  10. Reporter calls shenanigans on Reffing in the SCF

    funny thing is the reporter is Canadian and in Vancouver. No real bias toward either team. If it is that obvious to him.... what does that say?
  11. Olli Jokinen to Phoenix

    I wouldn't really say that. Ballard is an excellent open ice hitter and was regarded as the future captain of the Coyotes. He is a heart and soul type of player.
  12. New to board and hadn't seen this posted Reporter from Vancouver writes about what I was thinking all series. Officials were tilting the ice towards the Pens. Refs for the Penguins