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  1. hockey23

    Red Wings make contract offer to D Justin Schultz

    I guess I kind of misunderstood the post. I thought he was saying if the Wings give Schultz $3.8M then they'll have to give Smith and Nyquist the same, but you're absolutely correct
  2. hockey23

    Red Wings make contract offer to D Justin Schultz

    $2M of Schultz's $3.8M cap hit is pretty much impossible for him to actually earn. He'd have to win trophies like the Norris, Calder, and Conn Smythe to get that money. Essentially his contract would pay him a salary of either $875k or $925k (not sure which one he qualifies for) plus a possible $850k in bonuses that he has a decent chance of earning. So even though his cap hit will say $3.8M it's really like a $1.5M contract for Smith or Nyquist.
  3. hockey23

    Red Wings make contract offer to D Justin Schultz

    Quotes from Holland...
  4. I don't blame you for being cautious, and I know the Leino/Brunnstrom comparisons will be made, but I really believe Brunner can be a decent NHLer. The first thing I look at is prolonged success: Leino: put up decent numbers in Finland and then one year his numbers nearly doubled and then he came to NA. He didn't play the next year in Finland so who knows what his numbers would've looked like the next year - it very easily could've been a fluke season. Brunnstrom: played well for two-thirds of a SEL season and tanked for the last third. It was probably just a hot streak, but he still only scored 10 goals in 66 games that season. Brunner: 3 consecutive seasons where he's been very productive and consistent. Next, I try to figure out how well a player's numbers will translate to the NHL. Leino: poor skater and below average size was the big concern with him. The Wings stuck him in GR so they obviously didn't have a ton of confidence in him. Brunnstrom: decent size, decent skater but the Wings wouldn't guarantee him any playing time in the NHL so he went to Dallas. Brunner: good skater, below average size but is praised for overcoming it with his forechecking and grit. Also had two successful world championships playing against NHL players and it seems that the Wings feel he can play in the NHL. With all that said, he could very easily be the next Brunnstrom. I don't know. I just think there are solid reasons to believe he can come in and be a decent 2nd/3rd line NHLer if he's given that role.
  5. Except Brunner can actually skate. Leino is a pretty bad skater and can't stay on his feet if anyone lays a finger on him. Brunner is praised for his speed and his willingness to forecheck and play gritty. Also, Leino had a bit of a one hit wonder season the year before he came to NA, but Brunner has played at a high level for 3 straight years including 2 good world championship performances. I really don't see any glaring weaknesses in Brunner's game. His booming right-handed shot fills a need along with his speed. If you believe in NHL equivalences he's a 40 point NHL player based on his numbers in Switzerland. Seems like he's a safer bet than Leino and might have more upside.
  6. hockey23

    Red Wings make contract offer to D Justin Schultz

    There are Schedule A and Schedule B bonuses for entry-level contracts. Schedule A bonuses have a max of $850k and they're for games played mostly, but I believe they can include other stats like ice time, points, and plus/minus. Schedule B bonuses have a max of $2M and are pretty much for trophies such as the Hart, Norris, Calder, and Conn Smythe. The Schedule B bonuses seem pretty much impossible for players on ELCs to actually earn , other than the $212k Calder bonus. So, realistically, Schultz can only earn his $875k salary plus $850k in schedule A bonuses.
  7. hockey23

    Red Wings make contract offer to D Justin Schultz

    I wouldn't put him in the that category. It sounds like he's NHL ready and has lots of potential, but those 3 were already solid NHL'ers at Schultz's age. It would be very unlike Holland to give him a spot with the Wings, but if there's a time that he would do it I think it's now. Lidstrom is gone, we don't have any can't miss D prospects outside of Smith, and we have the cap space and roster spot for him. I'd gladly dump Quincey and give his spot to Schultz if that's what it took.
  8. hockey23

    Red Wings make contract offer to D Justin Schultz

    Then the Wings won't get him. He will have multiple full-time NHL offers. If you want to get a potential top pairing defenseman then you have to take the chance and guarantee him a spot in the top 6 from day 1.
  9. hockey23

    Andrei Markov

    I've seen a couple Montreal sources (never heard of them so probably unreliable) today say that the Wings are interested in Markov. This comes just a couple days after the GM meetings where Holland said he had some trade discussions. Sounds like Montreal just wants to dump him because of his injury concerns.
  10. hockey23

    Red Wings make contract offer to D Justin Schultz

    Anyone else see Chelios's quote re: Schultz... I guess it just depends if Holland will offer him a spot with the Wings.
  11. hockey23

    Post-Lidstrom CapGeek Thread

    ...and then go right back down after the new CBA. I'm guessing Holland will limit himself to around $64 million this summer to account for the expected decrease in the players' share of revenue and the subsequent cap decrease.
  12. I like the Kronwall-Smith and Filppula-Nyquist comparisons, but I've heard them a lot so I thought I'd try to come up with something different. There's just something about Smith that reminds me of Yandle. Maybe just the way they skate or their kind of lanky build, combined with the fact that they're offensive defensemen with some iffy play in their own zone at times. I think Sheahan will be more like Gaustad than Bolland, but I think Gaustad is the extreme of Sheahan. When I think of Sheahan I think big, defensive center who's good on faceoffs and has limited offensive abilities. Gaustad takes each of these to the extreme - he's very big, very good defensively, very good on faceoffs, and is very limited offensively. Sheahan will be similar imo, but not to the extreme - i.e. maybe not as big and good defensively, but more offensive upside. I think 4th line C is a pessimistic projection for Sheahan and a consistent 40+ point 3rd line C is on the optimistic side, so somewhere in the middle is what I'm thinking.
  13. Smith - Keith Yandle with more physical play Nyquist - Ray Whitney Jarnkrok - Nick Backstrom Jurco - Hossa Tatar - Vladimir Sobotka Sheahan - Paul Gaustad Mrazek - Jonathan Bernier Pulkkinen - Hudler + the holy slapper
  14. hockey23

    AHL eligible

    Quine, Tvrdon, Nedomlel, Hudon, Sproul, and Ouellet can't play in the AHL until the 13/14 season due to the NHL/CHL agreement. Although, I have heard some talk of a new agreement, but I'm not sure if/when that will get done. Everyone else is eligible for the 12/13.
  15. hockey23

    Howard has broken finger, Joey Mac recalled

    Didn't look too serious. It happened with 18:22 left in the third. Lapierre's shot went under Howard's blocker and got his fingers.