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  1. That it was. Kronwall's shot was amazing
  2. Eaves became my hero tonight. He was laughing his ass off as he went down in to the boards. Looked up at the ref to see him laughing. I bet that was a long skate by the Preds bench lol.
  3. That's how they get you man. I work in a casino and all the "free" stuff that you get makes you spend money. But yea that's is a nice long window of not watching bad streams lol.
  4. i was like who left me a comment hhhhmmmmm then i realized it was you

  5. I play off and on w/ a few of my friends, we play a lot of adult pick games (roller) when we do play.
  6. I live in So Cal so I had to watch the Ducks feed w/ that god awful one sided SoB Hays. Even he said that there should not have been a penalty on Stuart and that it was a good clean hard shoulder to shoulder check. He also said the Ducks got a HUGE break on the no goal call. That says something right there....
  7. The camera was right there and they were talking about the scoring chance, it just happened to be a RW chance. I think the paranoia of everyone is against the RW is setting in. Any way Let's Go Wings Helm w/ the GWG!!
  8. To the OP, I guess you missed the big deal in the first half of the season when a player was called for spraying the ice in the goalies face. All the announcers made a big deal about it. Even the guys who call the games for Detroit on FSD made mention of it when Dats was very careful to avoid spraying the goalie a few games after that call. All Pang said is he could be called for it. And Pang>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Pierre.
  9. The guy from VS did say that it was the right call, and a good call a that. I think you might have started to rage before he finished.
  10. I have a red light in my living room that I usually turn on. If I don't turn it on the wings usually do bad. Like last night I forgot to turn it on.... I always wear my old Yzerman jersey. The thing about the red light is this, we were losing one time a few years ago and I saw the light bulb. I took the said light bulb and put it in and turned it on. As soon as I turned it on the Wings scored and came back from a 3 goal deficit to win.
  11. Well, I feel a lot better now about the loss. IT was a good call by the linesmen. Just bad D at that point.
  12. ah wtf my net went down come back a both teams scored.....