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  1. Steve Yzerman - The Captain or Stevie Wonder Chris Osgood - Ozzie or the Wizard of Oz Igor Larionov - The Professor Curtis Joesph - Cujo Felix Potvin - Felix the Cat Tomas Holmstrom - Homer Johan Franzen - Mule Kris Draper - Drapes Kirk Maltby - Malts Paul Ysebart - Rocketman Darren McCarty - Mack Nikolai Khabibulin - The Bulin Wall
  2. Bruins - Bobby Orr Sabres - Pat LaFontaine Canadiens - The Coach, the one that left Patrick in for that Shellacking in '95. Or Lefleur (but like a tough flower eh?) Senators - Hossa no the other one Leafs - Wendel Clark Devils - Scott Stevens Isles - Nystrom Rangers - Leetch Flyers - Hextal (thanks for the cup) Penguins - Francis Thrashers - Kozlov Hurricanes - Irbe (thanks for the cup) Panthers - Olli Lightning - St. Louis Capitals - Gartner Flames - Fluery Avalanche (Nordiques) - Sakic Oilers - Messier Wild - Gaborik Canucks - Bure Blackhawks - Dennis Savard Blue Jackets - None Red Wings - Steve Yzerman Predators - None Blues - line combo Hull and Oates Ducks - Charlie Conway but hated him on the dawson show Stars - Modano Kings - Robitille Coyotes - Shane Doan Sharks - Evgeni Nabokov easy to knock ov
  3. I have a long list of Hockey Jersey's I own and my signed Minnesota North Star Modano Jersey is one of them. I am not buying a Wings jersey of him as previously stated one year stint not worth it.
  4. you can go to and purchase a bunch of old and current photos like They have a bunch or call hockeytown authentic's and ask for a catalog or if the have a website they have a great assortment of pics
  5. I thought they were full of 5h!t
  6. Got a friend that works at the palace as an usher and he was told their work schedule would be increasing by 40+ events next season sounds like home games and preseason games to me. But things can always change
  7. Worst April Fools Joke ever. Epic Fail!!!!!!
  8. Guess Sweden wants to win the gold metal and not have someone that can't skate, takes shots from the blue line, oh and turns the puck over ever chance he gets
  9. #1 priority should be goaltending. Ozzie is getting to old and Howard not yet ready to be the #1
  10. I would recommend staying at one of the casinos MGM is pricey but nice with many bars and shops. (Is Nice) 2 must go places would be Greektown and Hockeytown cafe. Also they have a hard rock cafe downtown now that maybe a place to go to. (have not seen it myself)
  11. I second that
  12. Just Pug Thirsty
  13. Lifetime toooooooooooo funny picture pregame by Valerie Bertinelli and player interviews by Nancy McKeon. I would welcome it on comedy central though pregame by Eric Cartman and player interviews by Jon Stewart. Play by Play by Kenny
  14. Hudler on the power play
  15. How about a poster of Bluto screaming "Niedermayer Dead" from Animal House????