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  1. Care to elaborate?
  2. I want.
  3. I was wondering where you have been all this time. Good for Newbury. Hope he does well.
  4. If I go to a Hawks game and see people booing Hossa I will personally punch every one of you in the face. For crying out loud he played a year here, it didn't pan out so he went to another team. Anyways great goal by the Hoss. Good to see him doing well on his new team (even if it is the Hawks).
  5. Why are people bringing up Bertuzzi's 2002-03 season? It's irrelevant.
  6. 1. Yzerman was drafted as Detroit's franchise player. 2. He was groomed into the role at an early age 3. He was much more talented than Stuart is now
  7. That play was a whole kind of fluke and "what the hell is going on?" Just a strange broken up play.
  8. For his salary (and 40 goals in the regular season I might add with that same injury) I guess I expected him to score more than 6 goals in three games and get no goals in the finals. How dare I question the abilities of a player getting paid 7.4 million and the "motivation" to win the cup in Detroit. Shame on me.
  9. I think we know what happens to Hossa when he plays in the playoffs, period.
  10. Perhaps if the Predators could win an away game in the post-season. But seriously, I would consider them a kind of rival. Always enjoyed playing you guys in the playoffs.
  11. I never understood why Howard has been getting the weaker teams STILL. Sure before he needed to get his confidence up, but now he needs to play against a team that is a much bigger challenge to Detroit. Give Osgood some poor teams to get HIS confidence up.
  12. Retaliatory fights> Staged fights And Abdelkader has been looking to drop the gloves more often against guys who have been pissing him off, so that's at least a start.
  13. Does anyone think that building a new arena in Detroit would help boost the economy? New Arena=jobs for construction, growth of business in the area (considering there isn't much around the Joe), sponsors, etc. Any money going into American Businesses is a good thing right now.
  14. GMR: Mindfly and Jake Ryan are beneficial to keeping the flies off. More at eleven.
  15. I guess we can ignore the whole 12 year contract Zetterberg got and the fact that he was drafted in the system and that he has been Detroit's best skater in the playoffs the past two years and the fact that he is considered a leading type of player. But other than that I see no problem with Stuart getting the C.