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  1. Holmstrom96Screens


  2. Holmstrom96Screens

    No one wants this cup more than Crosby

    If he wanted it more than zetterberg or anyone else on detroit he would have learned how to deal with a shadow like zetterberg. But he hasn't. One example of how he is not the best.
  3. Holmstrom96Screens

    Refs favor Crosby Malkin

    all veteran hockey fans hate the refs. I dont think we should be picking on a ranger fan for hating them too especially when we also complain about them (including myself boy did I blow up after that game last night)
  4. Holmstrom96Screens

    Just seen the cup.

    had my pic taken with that 3 times in my life, 1993, 2002 and 2008. So glad you got to do that for your first time. It never gets old and its an amazing feeling everytime you experience it. I think the cup has this sort of spellbinding aura....practically glows with its own silver light. So amazingly beautiful. I love Stanley!
  5. Holmstrom96Screens

    Russian Five vs. Swedish Five

    I was going to write this i saw this thread and thought, Say huh? swedish five? what swedish five? yeah the team has like 7 or 8 swedes but there was never a 'swedish whole line' of two D's, two wings and a center who were all on the same line and were out on the ice all playing together same shift all at the same time like there was with the russians. so can't really compare a two since technically there was not a 'swedish line'
  6. Holmstrom96Screens

    Crosby "fight"

    Nothing. I explained to him that people will complain about him because fans expect more (and at least try to be on better behavior crosby won't be perfect all the time, and we know this, and we shouldn't expect him to, because nobody is perfect) of the person who carries the title of 'face of the NHL' , more so than a regular player or a player who is merely the face of a single franchise.
  7. Holmstrom96Screens

    Jarkko Ruutu bites Andrew Peters

    wow, Jarkko is a douchenozzle! Course we already know that. wait aminute...peters....thats the game my Sabres fan friend was telling me about earlier tonight on msn. He was upset that Peters got the penalty and not Ruutu. Don't blame him now i actually read about what happened.
  8. Holmstrom96Screens

    Crosby "fight"

    Jus my opinion, but I think yes we may very well have to. You are right, and players ***** all the time. As Gordie Howe put it : "Players know two languages: English and cursing." but Crosby isn't just the face of a franchise like yzerman was, lemieux was, etc. He is the face of the NHL. and a captain to boot. That position - being put up there like that as not only a captain but the face of the entire NHL - carries with it responsibility. It is a position of power in a sense. and I think that hockey fans expect quite a bit from the player that carries this name. Hence all the crosby bashing. Ovechkin did some of what some fans think of as cheapshotting. But even he doesnt get the hype that Crosby does. Because he is not the face of the NHL. I really do think fans expect more from 'the face of the nhl' because thats what position he has right now. I won't start any 'i hate crosby' topics though. I have never started one yet on any board. In facxt i was gonna go make a topic saying that it was nice of Sid to spend a couple of million of his own money to buy new hockey equipment for a minor hockey team in his home town in Nova Scotia. There were girls on this team too and he even bought their jerseys and stuff. Even though thus far only one femalehas even played in an NHL game. not everybody last year omg this guy i knew from university and all he could talk about was, "crosby's so great, crosby's so wonderful, he is our 21st century wayne gretzky. He is our gretzky" and I was like Oh please, spare me. of course I am not sure if this guy knew a thing about hockey. The idiot later stopped talking to me once he found out I am a Tomas Holmström fan who he called a 'dirty unsportsmanlike player ' and 'screening is for losers' and 'goalie obstruction' He also said that if a goalie wasnt on the same level as a Roy or Brodeur (who he loved) then he sucks. He criticized MAF and said he sucks because he cant play like Brodeur. anyway I disgress. This dude compared Crosby with Gretzky. and I bet lots of other people say that type of stuff as well.
  9. Holmstrom96Screens

    Crosby "fight"

    I'd also like to point out that yes a person can be a good leader and captain - and never win a stanley cup. Saku Koivu for example is a good leader - without a Cup. Trevor Linden is another. But I just don't see Crosby as there yet in leadership skills. Now he may develop them, because leadership can be learned . But is he there yet? I just don't think so. and again - its not right at this time to compare him with Yzerman and the other captains I've mentioned. Nor is it right - as of yet - to say he is on par with that of SKoivu and Linden. In my opinion anyway.
  10. Holmstrom96Screens

    Crosby "fight"

    micah and harold.....puh - lease don't try to compare yzerman with crosby. Leadership, as defined by my army cadet handbook when i was a Royal Canadian Army Cadet in the mid to late 90's - is "The art of influencing human behavior in order to accomplish a task in the manner desired by the leader." Yzerman is regarded as one of the greatest NHL hockey captains ever. Do you think people care that Yzerman complained some when he was younger? Don't think so. Nor do most people care that other captains like Lemieux and Gretzky also complained in their day. But - did they make up for it? I think so. Did they help bring championships to their respective teams and help make them into dynasties? Yes they did. (well except pittsburgh, but who knows what would have happened if Lemieux wasnt plagued by health problems. Would probably have brought more cups to pittsburgh.) When Crosby has accomplished what these people have done - then we'll talk. When Crosby does this, people won't care about his blemishes. He has set good records and good stats for such a young man. I am not trying to erase the fact he has accomplished and done well for himself so far. But as of yet - it isnt fair or right to compare Crosby with these other people who are practically legends.
  11. Holmstrom96Screens

    Crosby "fight"

    No. I don't think that. A period is 20 mins - all hockey fans know this. But he did spend the equivalent of one period in the box/off the ice. Plus one extra minute. Whatever though. I still think Crosby was being a douchenozzle.
  12. Holmstrom96Screens

    Crosby "fight"

    and this is our face of our NHL, folks ...way to go Buttman, you really know how to pick em of course Buttman skulked off to the media and complains about our winning the winter classic...cause his other NHL faces didnt get to have their 'coming out' party. No wonder he likes Duchess Crosby. They have a lot in common, hehehe We all know a captain may from time to time when his team is in a slump get a little something going to inspire his team and get them perked up. Not this pathetic excuse for a captian. He goes and spends the equivalent of one entire period of hockey - 21 mins total - in the box/off the ice. Thats really helping your team, Imust say. Way to go. Thats telling those Panthers! I hope he and Therrien for that matter, they are both pathetic, not even pens fans like therrien - never win any cups.
  13. Holmstrom96Screens

    Post Everytime You Look

    I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts
  14. Holmstrom96Screens

    12/26 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Predators 3

    i know why the wings didnt win this game. They just got back from Christmas break. a little too much egg nog
  15. Holmstrom96Screens


    I posted in one of the threads on the official Hawks board (just contributing to a conversation, not being mean or nasty or anything but just normal) about how my so called 'friend' several years ago now went out with my ex behind my back in a thread about would you date a friend's ex or something like that One of the hawks fans wrote back that I deserved everything bad that happens to me until I stop being a Wings fan. (and before some Hawks fan reads these boards and tries to use this post against me, as had happened to me before, no, I am not hating on the hawks or hawks fans or calling you anything. I'm just stating fact.) By comparison I have never been treated this way by avs fans on their board. They've been a pretty nice bunch actually. Blues fans - well i havent been to their boards yet. What I can say about the Blues was I resented their going after Tomas H. the other night with the tripping and crosschecking. He is a player with a Lady Byng side to him - yes, a pain sometimes with the screening but with the respect for the other team. He won't hurt you (well except on the scoreboard but thats his job.) Pens fans - wonderful. Havent got a bad word to say about them, they've been very nice to me. I'd also like to add, To be fair to the Hawks, and avoid generalizing an entire fanbase on the Hawks boards, There are some smart great hawksfans who do post there and can't say anything bad about them. Wonderful people. You know who you are And you've treated me very well. and thank you. However, there are people on the hawks boards who are just repulsive, and some of their fellow Hawks fans on the boards even can't stand what they say sometimes. as for the words detoilet and wang (as they call detroit and wing) those words used to bother me, but not anymore. I hear things like that said by every fan - Laffs, Analheim Sucks, Trashers, Calgary Lames for example....You name it. It doesnt bother me anymore. Thats just hockey talk, normal hockey smack. Still can't compare to the Flyers fan who ripped totally into me on an unofficial hockey forum when I announced that I had decided to have the wings as my first favorite team. I have been a wings fan since 1995 but never always had em as my first fave team they were my second. But man when i told people on that board, was he nasty! I have always had a dislike for Flyers (and a lot of the fanbase) but that episode just made me dislike them even more.