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  1. 2011 Round 1 Photoshop War: Phoenix Coyotes

    Awesome man thanks a lot. Great work btw. My wife and I appreciate it.
  2. 2011 Round 1 Photoshop War: Phoenix Coyotes

    2560x1600 would be awesome, it that does not maul it all up =) ty
  3. What will..

    Miller Light before the game, during the game, and if the outcome is not to our liking, enough to kill me!!! GO WINGS
  4. 1955 posts for game 7 STANLEY CUP WIN!

    Lets go boys. Last chance to get it done. Hossa, lets do this!!! GO WINGS!!!!!!!
  5. Marian Hossa will test free agent market

    Dont know if its been posted yet but reports this: "The top contenders for Marian Hossa are the Pittsburgh Penguins, Boston Bruins, Vancouver Canucks, Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings. I hate to even mention the Red Wings because I don't see how there going to sign Hossa but I've been told Hossa is waiting to see what kind of offer two specific teams make. Those two specific teams are the Boston Bruins and Detroit Red Wings. Ritch Winter has approached Ray Shero about being granted permission to speak to teams. In particular Chicago and Boston. Shero has said no. I was going to post this last week if Hossa accepted the Penguins offer but if the Penguins do sign Marian Hossa, Bobby Holik becomes a possibility as one of those 1 year 2.5 - 3 million per season veterans because of his close relationship with Hossa." Not that we didnt already know that, just thought you mite like to see the actual post. My best friend whos a pens fan uses this site all the time.
  6. Roberts won't re-sign with Pittsburgh

    My bet it would be Therrien who is the problem there. I mean come on...have you ever heard a coach ***** more then he did in the finals? No wonder everyone wants off the ship lol.
  7. Marian Hossa will test free agent market

    Its all ready been stated before but my buddy whos a pens fan sent me this about an hour ago in a mail: "Red Wings GM Ken Holland met with the agent for defenseman Brad Stuart this weekend. Stuart is believed to only be interested in resigning with Detroit or going back to LA to be close to this his family. Sources also tell TIOPS some how the Red Wings are going to make a offer to Marian Hossa" Hossa is interested in playin for Detroit, so maybe he wont break our bank!!