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  1. Kronner55


  2. "When you get the dog down, give it another kick!" ~Mickey Redmond

  3. Sorry all... seems like I'm never on here, because you are all on FB! I talk to you there. Thought I should make an appearance tho.

  4. Kronner55

    Funny Red Wings pictures.

    Here's one I took during pre-game skate on 4/18/09 (Playoffs, round 1, game 2 vs. Columbus)
  5. Thanks for the message my Homer pal :)

    Sending sweet Homer dreams your way!!!

    <3 Tiff <3

  6. Just stoppin' in to say "HEY" to one of my besties... ((HH))

  7. Kronner55

    What are you listening to? 2?

    Jason Mraz
  8. Kronner55

    Switching your jersey's "A" to a "C"

    I have removed "Hatcher" & his 2's from 3 jersies & replaced them with Helm, Ericsson & Leino just recently. This is easy & it does NOT leave any marks. Here is how: CAREFULLY remove stitching. Very gently removed the letters &/or numbers by peeling up an edge & slowly separating them from the jersey. Use "Goof-off" (can be bought at Home Depot) and a toothbrush over all areas where the numbers & letters were on the jersey. Just use a circulating motion (put the goof-off directly on the jersey, not the brush). Run the jersey through the washer & hang dry. Set an iron to highest heat & then iron it thru a thin towel. Do not stay in one place too long as you don't want to melt it. After this, there is no residue & no mark left on the jersey.
  9. Thanks! :) I guess us best buds need to look out for each other. Nice to see you spending time here.

  10. How's my best pal? For some entirely too odd reason for words, this little spot on both our pages is empty. Thought I'd fix that.

  11. Kronner55

    Free Wings Autographs - 11/6/09

    Just stumbled upon this one, Hockey Hall of Fame Friday, November 6 MEET THE DETROIT RED WINGS FOR A FREE TEAM AUTOGRAPH SIGNING 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Hockey Hall of Fame is pleased to host the 2009-10 Detroit Red Wings Hockey Club for a FREE* team autograph signing featuring Nicklas Lidstrom, Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg, Kris Draper, Chris Osgood, plus other team members. The autograph signing will take place in the Verizon Great Hall amongst the greatest collection of silverware in the world. * The first 400 guests on this day, with paid admission, will receive a special ticket that provides access to the autograph session plus a free poster – only this poster will be autographed. No outside items will be signed. Access based on a first come, first served basis. All guests with the special ticket are required to return to the Hockey Hall of Fame no later than 3:00 PM to secure their spot in line – those who do not return by 3:00 PM may lose access to the event. Doors to the Hockey Hall of Fame will close at 5:00 PM. Information on this event
  12. Kronner55

    Lidstrom & Datsyuk suspended for skipping ASG

    I still think Babcock should call in with an injury....
  13. Kronner55

    The person below me game...

    Um, no.... sadly too old for that TPBM is proud of Kenny Holland....
  14. Here is a link for all the information: Click Here & of course, the Stanley Cup!