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  1. neonsign

    Who do and did you hate more?

    The Avs.
  2. neonsign

    Wings will sign multi-year lease at the Joe

    Like someone said in some other thread about this a while ago: When Crosby raised the cup there he cursed it. burn the f***** down.
  3. neonsign

    Eklund's top40 UFA's and possible teams

    Didn't some website more or less prove that Ek's rumors are actually slightly less likely to come true than if you picked which player would end up at which team randomly?
  4. neonsign

    Mike Babcock's pre-game pep talk

    That's just lame...or at least weird. idk.
  5. neonsign

    US ratings show big jump

    buffalo's actually like one of the biggest markets.
  6. neonsign

    New VS drinking game!

    some guy on the game today said "optical deficiency" referring to a goalie (im assuming) being screened. was it this guy?
  7. neonsign

    More nervous by the second!

    I keep forgetting there's a game 7 tonight. I think the letdown last year has sort of conditioned me.
  8. neonsign

    A swiss that can score like an NHL player

    Isn't there some rule against this in the NHL?
  9. neonsign

    April in the D

    Sounds like Green Day. Not impressed.
  10. neonsign

    Report: Ilitch Hires Tom Wilson

    ...has been denied by illitch
  11. neonsign

    Penalty Shots

    'twas against Florida(in 07, i think), Datsyuk had the first but failed to score, then Vokoun threw his stick and Flippula scored on the shot.
  12. neonsign

    Wings games on VS?

    One against Buffalo where we got DEstroyed, and one against Nashville where McCarty was the color guy. I think there was more, too.
  13. neonsign

    12/6 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Rangers 1

    "HOWARD'S STERN" facepalm moment number 342552
  14. neonsign

    Claude "Turtle" Lemieux retires

    gooooooooooooooood riddance