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    Fine, don't come. Michigan clearly doesn't have any issues filling their seats, unlike some other in-state schools that rely on strong visiting teams and Buy 1 Get 1 Free deals through Subway for Senior Day to sell out If they did actually plan it that way, and decide to throw MSU into the wind for 2 periods, do you have any doubt that MSU would have done the same thing for the game at Spartan Stadium in 2001? They had that benefit, as well as the bonus practice time, that time
  2. Start from March 11 and it gets even better...on pace for 63-11-8 over 82 games based on the 39 games since March 11, 2010
  3. Win% in hockey is calculated based on points earned out of possible points, he was right
  4. I have a few old media guides which contain lists of every trade/claim/signing in history, anybody got a link to something similar online? I'd prefer just a list of Detroit transactions.
  5. tsn confirming as of 3:33PM
  6. Coolio Mendez, why didn't you cite the page you lifted all of this material from, word for word? Top 50 players @ Yahoo answers, posted 2 weeks ago