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  1. I honestly thought he played really well for us last year. Hope he finds a good home somewhere.
  2. I never read that before. Awesome article
  3. I would much rather see the Wings offer Helm a decent contract, rather then Hudler.
  4. Eaves is one of my top 5 favorite players on this team, I cannot understand why he would EVER be a healthy scratch... So now he finally gets back into the line up and this happens. Ugh... Get better soon Patty! Side note - I agree with most of you, class act by Josi to go over to Eaves and check on him
  5. f*** you Steve Yzerman for having to get old and not be playing in the NHL till your 100!! f*** you Lids for even THINKING ABOUT RETIRING!!! (Your all we have left right now ;. And f*** you Hudler because...uh... you look funny!
  6. Yzerman, Gordie or Sawchuck... I would take any of them.
  7. Really looking forward to this one! Our first big test of the season! Lets go Wings!
  8. Such a classy move. Aside from just this, I bet he would be a great time to hang out with off the ice too.
  9. This still seems so surreal.. Cant believe an off season as horrible as this one could ever be possible.
  10. My god... I was working all day today so I really didnt have much of a chance to check any hockey news till now, and this hits me right in the face... I just cant believe this. Im so sick of saying this, but RIP McCrimmon, Salei and all others on board the plane...
  11. If my parents had money... And if I didnt suck
  12. Good Topic! Ill say: + Lids has another amazing season and adds another Norris + Smith fights his way into a roster spot + Top 5 in NHL GAA + Helm scores 20 goals this year + Dats nets 100 Points + Draper will teach the up and coming Wings how to grow a playoff beard - Hudler will continue to suck and will then be traded for next to nothing - Injuries - Big E will show exactly why everyone at LGW knows he is over payed - MIGHT be Lids last season.....
  13. Whoa... I totally forgot all about that guy.