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  1. Biggest Red Wings news of the offseason this far

    What a lopsided poll.
  2. Which nation would have the top 2 forward lines?

    Put Dany Heatley on the miscellaneous team just for fun, they seem to get no votes. He was born in Germany after all.
  3. Filppula's SCF Goal

    Oh, okay. I was just going by Don Cherry's word.
  4. Filppula's SCF Goal

    The Yzerman OT goal against St. Louis was definately amazing but in the celebration after the goal is when he injured his knee The same knee injury that would haunt him for years to come.
  5. Griffins sign Francis Pare

    Good signing, it will give the Griffins a big boost up front.
  6. Who hits 100?

    Datsyuk will definately break 100 now that he has Hossa to feed as well as Zetterberg.
  7. Leafs to move McCabe, one way or another

    Hahahahahaaha. 8 Goals, 11 assists in 72 games. He's not thaaaat slow.
  8. Habs sign Georges Laraque

    Well, now they have a big tough grinder which they really didnt have before..thats one upside. Who knows, maybe Georgie will pot a couple goals as well.
  9. Well excluding our Red Wings as the best I think that NJD are shaping up to be a prime contender and Tampa has made a lot of improvements. As the worst I definately say the Vancouver Canucks. They havent made a splash in FA and all they have left is Luongo. Who are your choices?
  10. McCollum

    Yeah, I have no idea why Nashville took Chet Pickard over McCollum. I guess they must see something more in him then we do.