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  1. Only one reason to calm your nerves...

    The Anaheim series has made us as tough as coffin nails and a better team. The Chicago series has proved we can play at an extremely fast pace. We were able to stop Nash and shut up a great crowd in Columbus. The playoffs have been a great preparation for the Finals.
  2. WCSF GAME 6 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Ducks 2

    Saint Cloud loves the Red Wings. To bad the Wild can't make the playoffs
  3. Here's to positive thinking

    Why is Meech such a bad option? If he an Chelios are not capable of playing in the playoffs why were they on the team all year. Why not bring in Jakub Kindl? He could have been getting ready for this situation all year long. Same with Leino, he could be running on 4th line that can score. Maybe someone could help our most valuable 4th liner Helm.
  4. We need totally some other players right now

    New Lines are needed. Z - Dats - Cleary Hossa - Franzen - Hudler Sammy - Filpula - Helm / Leino Mac - Drap - Malt Of course the lines would have to change when Homer returns. Why do we have to keep Dats and Z separate. It appears Babcock is just being stubborn. They were the best line in the league last year. Now Babs won't even play them in the last five minutes of the game.
  5. The Elephant in the Room

    Well this does it. I have lost all respect for this site. I am a fan of the Red Wings, I like the players that I like and want to see every member of the Red Wings succeed. However, It is players like Drapper, Maltby, MaCarty and Holmstrom that has brought this team success in the past. Cleary is a great example of what the Red Wings stand for and the work ethic everyone should have. I hate fans that will rip on a player for a few bad games. I now hate this site and can not read anymore of this garbage.
  6. 5 ways to change the NHL

    The is every to bring teams areas I stated. I am sorry if some owners are only happy with having a team. Craig Leopold was a great owner in Nashville and was to much of a gentlemen to move them when he realized it wouldn't work in that part of the country. I have lived in that part of the country and there is a lot of money and not a lot of interest. I also lived in Dallas, which with out argument is best example of moving hockey to south. I like the south I would love to see hockey flourish in the south but when it doesn't work we should move teams to proven markets. I can't believe the Twin Cities didn't have a team for over a decade when Florida (2), Carolina, Arizona and California (2) were all granted teams. I understand Money talks but if there is dedicated hockey fan base in an area like Minnesota, there should be a team. Milwalkee and Seattle are the perfect examples of areas that would have an instant fan base. The thought that Kansas City and Las Vegas would be better is ridiculous. I know the NHL does not have a choice of announcers but these guys suck. Bring in some CBC announcers that are in the minors. Anyone but the assholes that are driving all the quasi hockey fans away.
  7. 5 ways to change the NHL

    1) Fire Bettman 2) National Television Situation Change. A) Have the Versus add better quality programing to its line up to make it more attractive to cable companies. B) Bring down TSN and add to cable companies as a new ESPN 3. C) Bite the bullet and sing a s***ty contract with ESPN, as long as Jim Rome plays the Ron Barr of the Hockey Night and games are televised 3 times a week in HD. 3) No more East and West- The east and west themes are unfair to any team in the west due to travel. Bring back the Campbell and Wales Conferences and then make sure all the rivals stay together in divisions. Divisions opponents play 5 games, Conference 3 and opposing conference 2. 3 inter conference teams will have to be played only twice to keep the schedule at 82 games. 4) Move some teams - Milwaukee, Seattle/Portland, Winnipeg, and Quebec all should have teams. They should only be granted teams if the owners are willing to keep the salaries above the league median for at least 4 years. 5) All new TV personalities- No more Gary Thorn, Bill Clement, Pierre McGuire, and Mike Milbury. They will all have to be new. Maybe hire Mike Myers as analyst for some publicity. I really don't like the sound of that but something has to change. Oh and instead of increasing the salary cap, force teams to lower ticket costs unless 50% of a teams games are sold out. I
  8. Chelios, Downey, McCarty, and Quincey

    I agree with what he said, but I THINK Maltby was the least effective player in the playoffs. Sammy has a great shot and can contribute if he can stay consistent. Maltby is life time member of the Red Wings. I don't think it would even be considered to cut him. Most likely he should be the 13th forward, so players like Helm, Leino, Kopecky and other young forwards can get proper ice time.
  9. The Most Overrated/Underrated Superstar

    Unless Crosby scores 50 goals in 39 games, 92 goals during the year, and 212 points he will be overrated. He is compared to THE GREAT ONE by all the NBC, ESPN, Gatoraid, and Eastons of this country. That Makes him overrated. The other things he does makes him a dusche bag. Let me put in it ways you can understand. His ego is the size of TEXAS. FYI; texas is NOT a country, it is a state. Spread the word. That doesn't mean crosby is overrated either.
  10. The Most Overrated/Underrated Superstar

    NEVER COMPARE CROSBY TO YZERMAN!!!!! Yzerman's point production (1st half of his career) and 2 way play (2nd half of his career) were great to say the least. His numbers will be surpassed and defensive skill will be matched but his leadership and character are beyond that of what a phenom player will ever be able to achieve. Yzerman looked like he was going to kill the ref when he so called "yapped" at them. When you look at the great Captain Crosby it looks as though he might break into tears. I bet after the games he has a good cry where he looks back and tells himself, we would have won that game if Holmstrom was called for a penalty. Stamkos is doing a very good job as he enters the league with such comparisons as Yzerman and other greats. As he was interviewed during the season, he never answered any questions about himself. When they were asked he answered with eye rolls and talk about his team. When asked about playing with Vinny he says "yeah that would be great if I make the team". As for Crosby, there are ways to handle those questions without seaming like a huge dusche bag. He just doesn't seem to want to say anything that makes me think is a good person. He seems more like a villain than a Hero. He is only 20 and should mature. I can't say the guy is a huge ******* because I would probably have a big ego and list of excuses if at 20, I captained a team to the Finals and lost when everyone expected me to be the second coming of Wayne and the Edmonton Oilers. But NEVER COMPARE CROSBY TO YZERMAN. It is just disrespectful to Steve Yzerman and what he has done. The man is all about sacrifice, and I see nothing like that in Crosby.
  11. The Most Overrated/Underrated Superstar

    Crosby is a great young player but overrated. He thinks way to much of himself and so does his Owner and Coach. Brendan Marrow is underrated. He was one of the best players in the playoffs, I thought he looked harder to stop than Crosby. Hudler, Bryzgalov, and Adam Hall are also underrated. Spezza and Gaborik are overrated.
  12. Zetterberg and Franzen are Wings priorities

    Dats' hometown discount was an enormous sign of willingness to buy into the Holland's take less system (especially for a Russian, Sorry if that offends anyone). However Zeterburg has been far underpaid the last two years, I expect he will take a hometown discount somewhere in the $7.2 range. I don't see Holland signing Hulder, Hossa or Franzen until the next years cap is announced. This will give him the opportunity see just what type of player Franzen and Hulder will be during the new season and also allow Hossa to buy into the family.
  13. What are you looking forward to...

    Yeah, I know. But last year's numbers and the playoffs, could be one of the best goaltending performances bar none. Then again I would count Joseph as one of the best playoff goaltenders of all time and he has never won a conference finals.
  14. What are you looking forward to...

    #1 Watching the Zetterburg, Dats, and Holmstrom line continue to dominate the league. #2 Osgood continuing to build his reputation as one of the all time greats. #3 Franzen... Can he continue his dominance as he did in the last 15 games and Playoffs? #4 Hossa #5 Watching Hulder and Filpula grow into our next Dats and Zata #6 Hossa... Holy s***. We got Hossa!!! This year is going to one of the best teams in all of History!!!