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  1. Lidstrom is Hurting

    Liddy still has at least one quality year in him. I would love to see Ericsson up in the pro's. For right now Liddy is still the man at the center of the team on and off the ice. He is still getting a good 25 mins a game I think he is gonna be fine
  2. Leino's Potential

    I agree that he could be a replacement for Flips and that Flips is definetly replaceable. Im not hating on him but he is not playing up to the money he is getting payed. Leino= future Wings legend
  3. Leino's Potential

    Leino has been showing some true potential these last couple games. He is showing some true raw talent and has been playing in sync with whatever line he's been put on. I think this guy is a future star and offensive pillar for the Wings. I wanna know how good everyone thinks Leino is and what his future is going to be with the Wings. Is this Hollands newest breakthrough discovery? Following in the footsteps of Dats, Hank, Flips, and many others?
  4. Worried About Hudler

    You never know, Kenny Hollan has worked some magic before
  5. Check out Dats.

    It sounds like he has peanut butter on the roof of his mouth...........and the bottom of his mouth
  6. Where do you want the next Winter Classic be?

    Boston its an original six team, its an all-around sports town, and its a young team thats playing great. I would love to see a Bruins-Rangers game at Fenway I think that would draw a lot of viewers just like the game at Wrigley did and maybe get hockey a little more attention and respect
  7. Mike Green, are we looking at a new Norris Winner

    I gotta admit Green is lookin mighty impressive right now. One more and he's got the record for most games in a row with a goal.........but come on theres no way he plays anywhere near as intelligent as Liddy. Green knows how to score well. Liddy know how to control and PWN the game well. Nick controls the game from the defensemen spot that is a major feat that few have done before. Green just has a knack for scoring. maybe its cuz he plays in the EASTERN confrence. Dude the Eastern confrence is like the National League in baseball IT SUCKS Any way, Lidstrom is a way better player Green is a more likely choice for the award though I gotta admit. Talk to me once your a hockey genius Green
  8. 2/8 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Penguins 0

    Man, Fleury was giving up those rebounds all day. Thats what makes Conks so good, he has phenomenal rebound control.
  9. Hossa to Sign Soon?

    If the Wings can only sign one right now, I think its got to be Hossa. Dollar for dollar I think he is better than Franzen, not to say the Mule is not freakin awesome. Plus Hossa might take another pay cut to be on a cup contender for 2010
  10. Defense of "Hockeytown"

    Great Story, great writing, he even tried to to take both sides of the arguement. But seriously Detroit is HOCKEYTOWN, USA forever!!!! END OF STORY SI has no clue what their talking about. Hmmm lets take the title from an original six team and give it to one of the newest teams in the league
  11. Will Lidstrom win Norris trophy again?

    Lidstrom is arguably the best defenseman in Detroit history. Possibly even NHL history. He can win as many more Norris Trophy's as he wants but seriously i think he has one or two more in him. I think it all depends on his competition the next couple years. Don't vote McCain or Obama Vote Lidstrom-Yzerman 08
  12. Draper's daughter & the Cup

    I dont know whether to be disgusted or fall out of my seat laughing about this story and the cups history. I decide to laugh and i would not want to be the next one to drink out of it. I think i would power-wash it first. just kidding.
  13. Is there any news on Fischer?

    Fischer was a great part of the team and was a physical prescence that he WIngs greatly valued. I am sad that he had to retire from hockey far before his time. I am very happy to hear that he has a job with the team still. I hope that he lives a long prosperous life and keeps working with the Wingz
  14. Do We Want Chelios Back?

    i agree, he is an important leader on the team aand is a great mentor for the younger guys, but when is enough enough. I think he is getting up their but he is still playing just fine and i think theirs no problems no. But next year you never know, im still waiting for him to play his age
  15. Which starting lineup would be better

    i am psyched to see this line top line on the ice next year. It is going to be one of the best top lines in years. i've heard hossa might go on the second line with Flip but i dont want to see that happen. I would take that line with OZZIE in goal any day.