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  1. redwings1973

  2. Little Help Here Guys!

    Hey Folks, I know we're all a little pissed off right now after Game 6, but maybe you guys would like to give me a hand in messing with this neighbor in NC that's a Canes fan and has started a facebook group called "Detroit Red Wings Octopus Throwing is LAME". Feel free to correct him. Have at it......... http://www.facebook....111959658842493 ..........and enjoy! Thank You, redwings1973
  3. Center Ice subscribers / VS

    Jeff, I've noticed that the visiting team broadcast is the lower of the two channel numbers.....for example, 775 Red Wings @ Coyotes or 776 Red Wings @ Coyotes, you would want the 775 or 775-1 (HD) Channel. Just my experience.
  4. Wings will re-sign Leino to a 2-year deal

    Don't know if this has been stated here yet, but ESPN's LeBrun reportes 2yrs @ 1.6mill total for Leino. "Before we get the violins out, we should note the Red Wings' replacements aren't too shabby. Ville Leino (re-signed Monday for two years and $1.6 million in total), Darren Helm and Justin Abdelkader now get a full-time shot up front, defenseman Jonathan Ericsson will be a mainstay on the blue line and Jimmy Howard gets to back up Chris Osgood with Ty Conklin leaving via free agency." Edit: Detroit News reports the same........ "Detroit -- The Red Wings have signed forward Ville Leino to a two-year contract. Leino, a restricted free agent, will earn $800,000 per season. "
  5. Datsyuk Game 4 Status

    Dats status for Game 4 still in limbo..........
  6. Datsyuk Game 4 Status Saw this as well....looks like good news on the Pavs front!
  7. Babcock Resting Players?

    What are the odds that Babs and the Wings are fudging, just a little, on how injured they really are? Is it possible they are hurt, but mostly resting during game 5 for the final push?? It was obvious that the depth of the Wings was too much for the Hawks, and maybe Babs knew they would finish them without the aid of Lids, Dats, and Drapes??
  8. Cup Final Game 1 in North Carolina

    I've got DIRECTV.....the local affiliate for NBC has a 24/7 weather channel available for digital cable subscribers. They did the telethon last year and put Game 5 on the alternate weather channle, but have no plans for doing this again this year. Does anyone know if DIRECTV will move the game to a different channel since its not available through the local NBC channel??
  9. Cup Final Game 1 in North Carolina

    My local NBC affiliate, WITN, is showing the Children's Miracle Network Telethon instead of game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals!! Last year they did this during Game 5!! They have also interrupted the playoff games for hours at a time to show weather alerts in the area. Thought I would vent and let everyone in hockey areas what you could be dealing with.......
  10. Wings get no respect

    Never mind....sorry.
  11. Playoff Rosters

    Does anyone know when the Wings' playoff roster will be set? Any ideas on who will be called up? I would think Leino and Helm are locks???
  12. Wings RBK Jersey from China

    I sent an email to "Jack Wu" at email account, which I got from the "CONTACT US" tab on site, and told him I wanted an individual #5 Red Wings Winter Classic size 50 jersey from him. He told me he would ship an individual jersey for $55, but would sell an order of 6 or more for $40 each. He sent me his PayPal account address and I sent him $55 to that address/account......very trusting, of course. I received the jersey within 7 days....I have pics if anyone needs them, but I can promise you its worth it if he has what you want. I'd ask him for a list of what is available so there is no confusion. It seems he only has as certain amount of each jersey. The whole process was actually very simple, but takes some trust/gamble because you trustingly send money to some guy in China. Send me a message if you have any questions. I'll be glad to answer.
  13. Wings RBK Jersey from China

    I paid for a Lidstrom for $55, but told him I would also order a Dats whenever they were manufactured. Someone from my office picked it up and sent pics, but when I actually laid my hands on the package yesterday there was a Lids AND a Dats in the bag.....don't know if it was an accident or if he was hoping to drum up some bulk orders from me. Yeah, I'd say it was legit....It is the Winter Classic Jersey. By legit I mean it's a real knock-off Reebok Premier. Its obvious they add all the sewn on patches at some shop in China. But it's close enough to the real thing that I seriously doubt 90% of people would not know the difference unless they knew how to find the imperfections. It reminds me of the fake "expensive" hand bags women buy from ebay....only someone with the knowledge of fakes would be able to tell the difference. It's no doubt worth $55......that includes express shipping, it came within the week. It does have the numbers on thh sleeves, which to my understanding is not going to be the case with the game worn jerseys, but they look fine. I remember someone asking if they can be removed in a previous post, but it looks like they are glued prior to being sewn on...that may leave the glue on the jersey once the number is removed. I've got pics if someone would point me the way on how to post them....
  14. Wings RBK Jersey from China

    My Lids Jersey from arrived express mail on Friday....about a week after ordering. Looks great! Can't beat $55 and quick delivery.....
  15. 'Canes @ Flyers

    Tied 5-5. About to go into a shootout....'Canes gave up four in the third after leading 5-1, a total and complete breakdown.