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  1. gdt

    Good luck tonight guys. I have Mrazek on my fantasy team BUT I really want Florida to knock Boston out of the playoffs.
  2. Oh God, even I would not wish this player on you guys.
  3. I really like the lines that showed the players movements on the ice. It is good for the uninitiated that is watching for the first time. I agree about the refs G-Pro but like it on the players.
  4. Well this makes having an All-Star game in St. Louis completely problematic. It would have been the 50th anniversary of them joining the NHL AND 50 years of not winning the cup, unless there is a miracle this season!!
  5. I will freely admit I am biased (duh) about this event BUT N.J. needs more than 1 slap across the face after their NHL mandated bounty for the Scott Stevens signing.
  6. Win # 689 today. Good for Marty!!
  7. Let's Go Blues!! Corporate boxes will now be sold!!
  8. Big games for both tonight. Probably bigger for you all!!
  9. It is now down to 59.7% to make the what I did there?
  10. This is a good thing --->>>
  11. Blues really need a LHD that can play a Pronger type game in front of the net. All 4 L.A. goals in the last game were within 5 - 10 feet of the goal. Leopold is not that guy at all but he helps the PP/PK a little. The Blues are still financially strapped to go out and get a stud on D without devastating the core of the team . I hate Detroit but I really envy the deep pockets of Mr. Pizza Pizza!! There is still talk of adding another D-man but who and for what I can not imagine.
  13. GDT

    ouch. I did not see this outcome.
  14. GDT

    FYI - The Blues had the same # of players playing overseas as did the Redwings. We even had our own KHL All-Star. Let this game get started. 1st post of the year here by a Blues fan!