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  1. Penky26

  2. Crosby vs Jimmy

    Anyone on the photo?
  3. Crosby vs Jimmy

    that face wash picture is what I am hoping for but a high res version of it
  4. Crosby vs Jimmy

    Need some help, does anyone have a high res image from the scrap between Jimmy and Crosby last year. Would appreciate it the help.
  5. Wings presale code

    is their a presale code out there? if so can someone pm me it
  6. Joe Louis Arena tour

    when is hockeyfest normally?
  7. Joe Louis Arena tour

    Has anyone ever done a tour of the Joe including the locker rooms, also does anyone have information on how you can do so?
  8. WCSF Game 3 GDT: Sharks 4 at Red Wings 3

    I need a link that doesnt require internet explorer
  9. Anyone ever get a jersey from sportsk?

    so do they allow you to send a blank jersey and they will customize it for you as well as buying a jersey from them? How much is it to just get them to customize the jersey?
  10. Injured wings coming back

    its great that franzen is coming along so well but there is zero point to him playing one or two game before the olympic break
  11. 1/23 GDT: Kings 3 at Red Wings 2

    actually im almost positive micky said he is skating and might be back next week
  12. Single Game PreSale Code

    I know single game tickets go on sale this friday. Does anyone have a presale code? If anyone can pm one to me it would be appreciated
  13. Which is best team of these 4?

    Pens fan taking the pens team and Wings fans taking the Wings team, the outcomes here are shocking
  14. Do I have to?

    trade them
  15. Practice Update

    Mlive is reporting that Datsyuk, Lidstrom and Draper are all out there for practice today