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  1. Wings @ Panthers, 11/14/08: $50 Special Ticket Offer!

    I just wanted to update everyone because it's been a while since my last post. Today is the first day of our pre-sale of single game tickets on Ticketmaster. Then this Saturday is the first day of single game seats to all of the general public. This means that anyone and everyone has access to the Wings vs Panthers tickets on Ticketmaster starting this Saturday. If you're still interested in getting great seats you can contact me at 954-835-7281 before this game sells out. We have had a great response thus far and I look forward to speaking with all of you. Tony
  2. Wings @ Panthers, 11/14/08: $50 Special Ticket Offer!

    Greetings Wings fans! So far we have had a great response in respect to fans putting down cold hard cash to see the Wings in action. Right now we have 40 that are confrimed and paid. I know you guys can have a better turn out and I also know that some of you are waiting to check on hotel accommodations. For everyone that has paid you will receive your tickets no later than two weeks before the game. This is a little change for a few of you that I told the middle of October. You may still recieve tickets in October but they will be no later than November 1st. For everyone that is in need of hotel accommodations please contact me if you have already reserved a room or plan to reserved a room. Lastly, YES the offer is still available. It will be available until we sell the game out! If you want the best seats of the group make your reservation as soon as possible. Tony Lessel 954-835-7281
  3. Wings @ Panthers, 11/14/08: $50 Special Ticket Offer!

    Hello again everyone. I just wanted to let LGWers know that if you tried to reach me on Tuesday the 29th I was out of the office the entire afternoon. I know some of you left messages and I will be getting back to you shortly. Just as an update, I have been able to pull the exact seat locations. The sections that the group will be in are sections 108 and 111. This is directly behind the goal that the Wings will shoot twice. If you call to place your order and I don't answer please leave a message and I'll return your call ASAP. That is all for now and I'll contact people as I assign them seat locations. Note - I will be out of the office starting Friday, August 1st at 10 am and returning on Monday the 4th.
  4. Wings @ Panthers, 11/14/08: $50 Special Ticket Offer!

    Hello Wings fans. I just wanted to introduce myself as I'm the Panthers Rep. that will be handling the group night on November 14th. We have already had a great response with over 50 ticket inquires and requests. I will begin pulling the seat locations and taking the first wave of payments this week. So if you want to be in the best seats out of the group jump on board soon! This truly is a great deal as if you were to go up to the box office and buy tickets they will be $97/seat, for you, $50/seat. Go through Ticketmaster? Who knows how much more you'll pay! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to voice them here as I'll be checking in periodically during the weeks leading up to the game. I look forward to working with all of you to make this a huge success! -Tony Lessel 954-835-7281