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  2. 2010 Round 1 Photoshop War: Phoenix Coyotes

    I love this one. Cause I was ticked off when Doan scored.. But that ridiculously stupid face he made.. it made me rofl. That and he is butt ugly.
  3. 2010 Round 1 Photoshop War: Phoenix Coyotes

    Finished my first one. :3 Enjoy.
  4. Karlstad exhibition game...

    Nice try, but we wanted the exhibition game against BK Farjestads. Not the games against the Blues.
  5. Blue Jackets Find Inspiration

    An amazing story of courage and adversity. I salute you, Salmons.. I salute you... But I just want to speak for everyone here.. The Wings are going to crush your team's hopes and dreams and eliminate them from the playoffs, post-haste. But don't let that get you down, kid.
  6. 3/20 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Thrashers 3

    Please tell me someone saw what Hudler did after the game. LOL Ok Everyone is lining up to touch helmets with Ozzie.. it's Maltby's turn and Hudler comes from the side and gives Maltby a love-tap on the helmet and goes to Ozzie first, telling him good game and great job and stuff.. Malts just smiles and goes around both of them and gives Hudler a slash in the back of the leg, and Hudler goes right after him to the locker room. Hudler just cracks me up. I'm glad these guys are so loose.
  7. http://www.theonion.com/content/news/chris...s_to_third_base This was a little after the Cup win. Osgood was in LA for interviews and such. And maybe Osgood and the cup had a rrrreaally good time.
  8. atdhe

    What I personally dislike about Center Ice is they only allow the hockey game. We can't get pre-game, post-game, or Detroit Red Wings Weekly. I would like to see behind the scenes view of the players and in depth conversation about my team.
  9. atdhe

    I'd like that link, please. I have Center Ice already, but if I can get something for next year to save some money, that would be sweet.
  10. Red Wings Trade Deadline Predicitions

    - and a partridge in a pair tree!!!
  11. 2/13 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Blue Jackets 3

    I hope Pasha can score a hattie. Since I scored 2 hatties in one game playing Pav in NHL 09.
  12. Hossa to Sign Soon?

    I doubt that Maltby, McCarty or Draper's numbers will be retired. But we can all dream. Their numbers will hang in the rafters of my heart. <3
  13. Hossa to Sign Soon?

    I can see Flip being traded either at this deadline or next years. More so next years. I love the guy, but can someone tell me why we should keep him? I guess the problem is.. what would we trade him for? We don't need draft picks. We pluck the gems. We don't need more cash on the roster either. I don't know.. Speculation and what ifs suck.
  14. Hossa to Sign Soon?

    Exactly! And even if Z went free after this year and Hossa and the mule signed, Datsyuk would still be up for the C before anyone else.
  15. Franzen

    It was actually a punch to the back of the head in the Stanley Cup Finals. Those things should be suspendable offenses. Speaking of which. Rolo on Cleary shot to the balls. That f*** needs to be suspended.