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  1. hossa play need help Your friend is as clueless as you are. There is no number 8 playing with the Pens. That was 9, Dupuis, and the stick just broke.
  2. Pens Exposed?

    So 2 teams that have 18 players that play you physically to a team that has 5? They play full speed in all zones now, so where are the wings going to be wearing them down any more than they'll be wearing the older Wings down?
  3. Promise me this Wings Fans

    Really? I'd think it was a huge BS if someone came out and started talking about this if their team was already out ahead. The only time it would be reasonable would be before a second of hockey had been played.
  4. Pens Team Defense

    Yes, their feelings that the Pens will win are sooooo much different than the sure thing that so many people here make it out to be for Detroit.
  5. This time it will be different

    I, and many others in PIttsburgh, don't care. People don't have a problem with him leaving, they have a problem with him leaving to go to the team that just knocked him out of the Stanley Cup Finals. Like I said, its a little out there, but not remotely close to being as outrageous as you're making it out to be.
  6. Pens Team Defense

    We'll find out soon enough.
  7. Pens Team Defense

    We'll find out soon enough. If you can see the future though, let me know who will win the Super Bowl next year. I'm going to Vegas and I'll place my bet now.
  8. Pens Team Defense

    Also, Letang played the first 2 games of the Finals last year.
  9. Pens Team Defense

    All I know is that the Wings don't get a 2 game head start on the series this year. The Penguins will be ready to play a Stanley Cup Finals series.
  10. Pens Exposed?

    Crosby, Malkin, and Staal rotate at the 4th line center position. Thats what? an extra 2 minutes a game...maybe?
  11. Petr Sykora

    He is that bad. He leeched goals in a slower system. Once they sped up their game, he couldn't keep up.
  12. Future of Chicago Blackhawks

    All their good young players are done with their rookie contracts either this or next offseason. If Huet plays well, thats great, but hes getting paid a bit more than you'd like for a guy that was at best platooning this year. Then there's Campbell's Albatross of a contract. I don't know why Toews would be the priority though, at worst their equals, Kane is the more dynamic, talented player.
  13. Stanley Cup Finals schedule

    Its kind of depressing how many people believe in how many different "Bettman conspiracies". You see it everywhere.
  14. Funny Crosby

    ??? Orpik was clearly punching the guy before the puck went into the net. He had just been taken down after someone was hit into him. Thats what caused the fight, but obviously you didn't watch the game so why am I even responding to you?
  15. Johan Franzen and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

    A very vocal minority complains about him. Most pens fans realize that as early as next year, Whitney's contract is going to be a huge bargain.