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  1. Would you want Crosby on the Wings?

    there is no room for a whiny marshmellow punk ***** ***** on this team. now oven-chicken, he would be amazing to have on the wings
  2. Gretzky

    Well, ok, i admit he was the best in goals department.. but how can anybody even think he had more heart than yzerman. he gave everything he had every ******* night. Stevie played games on one leg alot of times, and gretzky would have sat in the locker room like a *****. IMO Yzerman is 10 times the player gretzky was, because players like him have qualities that players like gretzky don't. Heart Leadership Dedication to one team, and the city he calls home.
  3. Gretzky

    I am sorry, and i am probably going to get a lot of s*** for this. I think Gretzky is Waaaaaaaaaay over-rated. When Howe retired, his number didn't get retired league wide, he held alot of records before wayne did. WTF is that? Gretzky isn't half the leader guys like Lemiux, Yzerman, Iglinla, Modano are. Why isn't #9, 19, 66 Retired league wide. Is 99 the only one who has that right? He never played for the wings, but a wing cannot wear number 99, but somebody in washinton can wear 19, 66, or 9? WTF People.
  4. Lilja, as of late

    That may be true, but you cannot deny the fact that he is playing really really well compared to any other season he has been in Detroit. Lilja is a beast this year.
  5. Hossa just continues to amaze me...

    Ozzie is a nice dude, and Zetterberg seems really awesome. I think it would be dumb to keep Hossa over Zetterberg, because in my mind, Z The Mule, Hudler, and Sammy are our priorities (should be anyways) Why break up Datsyuk and Zetterberg anyways? if it ain't broke... I like the Hoss alot, but i would rather see Zetterberg, thats all i am saying.
  6. Funny Crosby

    Look, i think Crosby, and Geno are both whiny little *******, but nobody can deny that they have talent, anybody who does is just plain stupid. Though i dislike them both, (only because of the way they whinned about ozzie taking falls, and geno saying he was to tired to compete in the finals) i do have alot of respecvt for them both as players. They proved they can hang with the best team in the NHL when it came time for the finals. And, don't ***** because Sid got into a fight. When a wing gets in a fight you act like it is all good because they couldn't do anytthing wrong. Instead, think that our wings can't do any wrong, and look at fighting as an aspect of hockey instead of knocking a player for doing it. Fighting has been in hockey since it started.. nothing is exciting like a good old hockey fight. I do feel it is wrong for players to fight 2 Vs. 1, but get over it, they get paid for this.
  7. Keith better than Lidstrom?

    LMFAO!!!! Yeah.. he is better than Nicky, And i am the ******* Pope!
  8. Babcock speaks about line combos

    Hossa-Datsyuk-Homer Hudler-Z-Franzen Cleary-Filppula-Sammy I think they are great lines, ecspecially if Drapes and Malts line is alternated with D Mac and Helm. But i will miss seeing Pav and Z on the same line. you cannot split them up. that sucks, and they made each other produce. i think it should be Z-Dats-Hossa (or homer) Cleary-Franzen-Hossa (or Homer) Hudler- Flip-Sammy Draper-Maltby- Mac (switching around with helm)
  9. USA Today: Red Wings are obvious #1, but...

    NEVER!! EVER!! EVER!!! Don't compare us to NE i ******* hate them. Go Chargers ;0 Think of us like the LA Lakers or something, but not the New England pats.
  10. Chelios's agent confirms that 'Chelly' will re-sign

    Both Lebda and Lilja are good defensemen I would rather see lilja go then lebda. Lebda is a fast tough player, and is pretty good for his age. I see alot of potential in Bret Lebda, but Lilja is getting old and is as good as he is going to get.
  11. Summer doldrums, excuses, and curiosities

    There are three teams in the west i can see beating us, possibly. San Jose Anahiem Dallas San Jose vs. Detroit playoff series are always close, exciting, and often stressful to fans. Either team can win this one easily. Anahiem has had our number since 2003, and i know we could beat them in a best of seven, but it would be a tough obsticle. Dallas is a good team, and they are hungry after last year, i expect to see them come close again. unfortunatly Turco's record against his home town team is dreadful, so yeah. i also think Chicago is improving for the better in the offseason and will be a threat to us in the division. and is possibly looking forward to a nice, deep playoff run in 09. Nashville won't do anything, Calgary sucks. with the exception of Kips and Iginla Av's suck. GO WINGS!
  12. Chelios's agent confirms that 'Chelly' will re-sign

    Yeah dude, sorry for that post, i was just having a bad day so i was kinda mad when i wrote that post. My fault.. Anyways, I still think chelios is an invaluable member of this team, and i see him doing some kind of job after retiring, be it in the coaching staff or the front office. i hate to see fans complain like that even though the player they are complaining about is important to the team.
  13. What will happen more frequently?

    HAHA Damn right bro.
  14. What will happen more frequently?

    I think the lions could do 8-9 wins. what would i know though i am a chargers fan. i know our boys can do 8 five game streaks.. ohh and so nobody gets confused or anything.. Not a bandwagon fan, Born in SD, Cali, my dad was born in MI He was a marine stationed in SD, He raised me into a wings fan. just so nobody gets confused or anything
  15. Chelios's agent confirms that 'Chelly' will re-sign

    Yeah and it is a damn shame too, chelli is pretty damn important to the wings. Most people focus on how many goals a player scores. none of these "Real fans" count leadership, experience to mentor younger players, how tough a player is, or anything like that. Its not like chelli is in tremendous shape or anything. right? he isn't like the best conditioned player currently in the NHL either. Must be Oven-chicken because he scores alot huh? Get Real people. I know i might be stereotypical towards users of this forums, but most of the posts i have read are bitching about former players, how we resigned a certain player, or wishing a player wasn't on the team anymore, instead of standing behind the team. Why don't you people shut the f*** up and just enjoy the game eh? nothing you say can change reality. anyways, Excited to see Chelli back next season. he is invaluable to the team, and a hell of a d man.