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  1. Shutemdown


  2. Shutemdown

    Any Fellow Wings Fans in Sunrise, FL?

    Hey all! I am in need of some help. My brother is a die-hard Florida Panthers fan and has been eagerly watching his team this season. His birthday is coming up in a few weeks and all he can talk about is the #spaceyinspace hoodies that they recently released in their team store. It would blow his mind if I could somehow get him one of these hoodies, but unfortunately they are being sold exclusively in Florida. A couple of these hoodies recently showed up on eBay (I have been hounding it lately in hopes that someone would be buying and re-selling them), but alas, $150 is a little steep for me. I wanted to see if there were any kind souls on here from Florida that might be in close enough proximity to the Florida Panthers arena that could purchase one for me. They are selling for $40 in their team store. It would mean a lot to me to be able to give him one. I know how badly he wants it. Anyone who could help me with this would not only be instantly reimbursed via PayPal, and I would throw in a generous tip, to boot. His birthday is on March 3rd. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!! Please respond here or PM me for details. I am willing to negotiate price for your time and effort. Admins, let me know if this post is not allowed, or move it to the appropriate thread. Thanks to all for reading. Hopefully some one on here can help me make my brother's birthday one that he will remember for a while.
  3. Shutemdown

    4/5 GDT : Washington Capitals 2 at Red Wings 1

    Here's hoping for a regulation win tonight! Happy Easter, everyone that celebrates! Let's go, boys!
  4. Shutemdown

    Do we need to add grit?

    I noticed Tootoo is playing in NJ on a line with Elias. Provides energy and some protection for their stars. Am I the only one who misses that little guy? I still hate that we traded him away. He was a good fit for us... Babcock just never gave him a chance. Not saying we should/could bring him back, but I miss his play style and what he had to offer.
  5. Shutemdown

    ECQF - Game 4 - Bruins 3 at Red Wings 2 (F/OT)

    Random question... is Tootoo still with the Red Wings? If so, they should dress him. He is like Brad Marchand with maybe a little less offensive upside. Call me crazy, but we have been getting called for stupid penalties anyways, might as well dress him and see what he can do... he has playoff experience, as well. Not trying to reopen the Tootoo debate, but I still feel like he could make a positive difference at the end of the night, at least more than some of our other "plugs" at the moment... I just want a win tonight, no matter what the cost. Maybe switching things up wouldn't be a bad thing...
  6. Shutemdown

    Lightning sign GM Yzerman to contract extension

    Kind of hard when it pops up in every other thread, and in non-related threads. But touche. Ya got me. I will turn my "monotony" and "kicking a dead horse" filters on so that I can avoid mix-ups like this is the future. That being said, Yzerman deserves this kind of success after everything he accomplished throughout his career, and I am happy to see that he has a found a home that appreciates him as much as we all did. It is, indeed, sad to see him wearing any colors besides the red and white, but in a way I just feel lucky to have watched him growing into the great captain that he was here in Detroit. We had him in our family for a looong time. At this point, he has earned it!
  7. Shutemdown

    Lightning sign GM Yzerman to contract extension

    WOW. JUST WOW. Still so many people butt-hurt about the Legwand trade? Y'know what? Holland should have just dressed Jarnkrok as our #1-4 centers and we'd probably be at 110 pts and first place in our division. Getting really sick of hearing all of the crying about Legwand and Holland as a bad GM. Try to take your fingers off the keys for a sec and realize that it needed to be done and, realistically, that we might not be sitting where we are right now if it wasn't for Legwand being brought in. Just my 2 cents. You can't drink that milk anymore, stop f'in crying over it.
  8. Shutemdown

    4/2 GDT - Bruins 2 at Red Wings 3

    Boston always plays a very physical game against the DRW, hopefully we avoid injuries tonight, play solid defensively, and come away with the win. And just my opinion, I hope Pav sits this game out and returns on Friday. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see him dress as much as anyone, but in his latest interview, he, himself, sounded slightly hesitant and cited his "sense of urgency" as his decision to return to the line-up. I just don't want him to rush his injury... the kids are holding down the fort, and I would rather see him return at 100%.
  9. Shutemdown

    Ovechkin and ES

    Not only is Ovechkin a one-dimensional player, it sometimes seems that the Caps are built around him. Their team-play is summed up by gaining the zone, then waiting for him to float into position. The pass is almost ALWAYS going to go to Ovechkin, and if he misses the shot, they're already looking to get the puck back to him. Shut down Ovi, and you shut down the caps. Which is sad considering, as many others have already stated, that his skill-set would allow him to be the complete player if he gave even 50% effort every game...
  10. Shutemdown


    Great post! Interesting to see the numbers on paper, and astonishing that we are still able to say we are in the playoff picture. Every time I think about how exciting this season has been, watching our young guys step up and find their niche on this team, I get a little bummed that they have brought us this far, and might still end up riding the pine next season (or even in the playoffs, if we get some injured bodies back). I really hope we get to see Shaehan and Glendening full-time, as I think they have earned it. Don't get me wrong... getting Z or Dats back would be HUGE, but I like the way the kids have been playing and I just hope they won't lose their spots.
  11. It will be interesting to see how tonight plays out... Despite all of the doom and gloom around here, I think this team (regardless of injuries) can still make it into the playoffs and then some. I would love to see us put together a solid win-streak, but at this point, take what you can get! A few clutch wins by some underdogs tonight would move us in the right direction... It's gonna be a tight race, boys! Play like you want it, play like you need it, leave everything on the ice after 60 minutes, and never give up!!
  12. Shutemdown

    3/11 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Blue Jackets 4

    Eventually the higher-ups will realize that it doesn't matter how many soft Euro superstars they draft or acquire... at the end of the day you have to protect your assets, and the DRW have failed to do so for the past 3-4 seasons. We may not find a grittier power-forward with great hands who can also fight, but until they find someone to keep other teams in check, what is to stop them from walking all over us, weathering our man-advantage afterwards? When Neal was targeting Franzen in (what I believe) was his first or second game back from concussions, the only "enforcer" for the Red Wings by the end of the game was the officials, who threw him out of the game TO PROTECT HIM, because we had NO ONE TO STEP UP. When Stevie Y was still playing for the Wings, McCarty was given the job of making sure he never got messed with. Where is Datsyuk's McCarty? Who is protecting Franzen and his fragile head? Babcock and KH will eventually realize that there is no point in building a superstar line-up if they refuse to keep them protected. Until then... well, just look at our past couple seasons and our injuries.
  13. Shutemdown

    Leaders need to be leaders

    Tootoo could lead this team.
  14. Shutemdown

    Looking for advice/attending a Wings home game

    I have lived here my whole life and I still find it difficult to drive in downtown Detroit! Many of the streets are one-way streets, and as there is very little police presence in the city lately, I have begun seeing people continue driving through red lights, or stop for a second, look both ways, then roll through the red light. Another time I was driving at night and there were 2 man-hole covers that were completely removed, leaving huge gaping holes in the ground. Sadly, I watched a brand new Camarro drive right over one going about 40 and jerk/crash to a stop ashis front right tire sank into it. Sketchy :\ . If you are planning on driving, please, please, PLEASE be safe doing so! I have had too many problems driving in that city to even count them anymore.
  15. Shutemdown

    What I'm thankful for...

    I am thankful that Darren Helm was able to make his return to the NHL! After such a long absence, no one knew what to expect when he finally came back. His speed was a big question mark, as well as his mental health, but both seem to be near 100% again! Just so thankful to have this kid back. He is already making a huge impact!