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  1. Huselius Out 4-6 Months

    You're joking right?
  2. Columbus gets better and we take their trash. Solid move.
  3. This year's prospects

    Jesper Samuelsson has some sort of wheat allergy and can't bulk up. From what I've read that is his main problem, and it will likely mean a career spent in Europe. I think its a very safe bet that we see Tatar and Smith in Detroit this season, but some of the other players that have been predicted for next year are ridiculous. Kolosov will never see a single game in the NHL. There would have to be a hell of a lot of injuries for Pare to make an appearance, although he is very capable in the A. McCollums call up last year was a joke and was only necessary because of injuries. Pearce has outplayed him by a mile, and Tom will have to make major, major strides in his game to have any chance at playing in the NHL this season. Realistically even if he does play well I doubt they call him up. He needs to build confidence up and a s*** show like he put on in Detroit, which wasn't completely his fault since he was nowhere near ready, will only have negative results. Pearce will likely grab the starting goalie slot in GR, not McCollum, and he has had strong play as of late which could warrant a call up. Daniel Larsson is an option if he commits to play in NA, but it would require signing him to a one way contract. He has made it abundantly clear that he will not play in the AHL again. Gustav Nyqvist looked great when I saw him play at the end of the season in GR last season, and if he continues to progress we could see him called up. Joakim Andersson needs some work, and I don't think we'll see him this season, but next year is a real possibility. Jamie Tardif is one of those fringe guys, and unfortunately there just isn't room for him in Detroit. He did mention last year that he purchased a home in Grand Rapids, so he may be in the system still. Guys like Fournier, Nestrasil, and the rest of the Griffs crew will need to develop more before a call up.
  4. Gordie Howe/Ted Lindsay Rift

    That's awesome, I've met Ted a few times in the past few years and he has been awesome. I asked him if I could get a picture with him and he handed me one of his gloves from the 50's and wrapped his arm around me. I also got to meet him with my 7 year old nephew a few months ago and he couldn't have been more pleasant. Needless to say my nephew was a bit intimidated, but Ted laughed and joked with us for a few minutes. I asked him to sign my photo and add "Terrible" in front of his signature, and he told me that he isn't terrible at all but did it anyway. Fans in Detroit are lucky to have a guy as great as him as one of their legends. Mr. Lindsay still looks amazing for a guy in his mid 80's, but Gordie on the other hand seems like he's going downhill quick. I hope they can mend things up sooner rather than later. Also, on a side note, I know Ted has family in Grand Rapids and I was wondering if you guys ever get out to any Griffins games. It'd be fun to see him do a puck drop on opening night or something like that.
  5. Hockey Hall of Fame - Class of 2011 - Your Call

    Larry Aurie Adam Oates Eddie Belfour Pavel Bure