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  1. #1ozzie30fan

  2. 1955 posts for game 7 STANLEY CUP WIN!

    LETS GO WINGS!!!!!!
  3. Kalamazoo Wings leave IHL

    I think the IHL should fold and have their at least a few teams absorbed into the ECHL or something like when the original IHL folded and the Griffins among others were absorbed into the AHL. I've been to 1 K-Wings game and Several Muskegon Fury or now Lumberjacks games and they were always fun to go to. Muskegon games were the first semi-pro game I ever went to. I go to Griffins games more now because theyre closer and the IHL is a joke now but if they were absorbed into the ECHL I'd probably start going more because it would be better hockey than the I and could maybe see even younger Wings prospects before they get to Grand Rapids and I wouldn't be seeing the same 5 now 4 teams over and over.
  4. 1000 post for a stanley cup finals game 2 victory

  5. Hockeytown Cafe question

    I've gone there almost everytime I'm in Detroit its great just get there early to get a seat and I believe they do have an entrance fee during events like this but if you get there early they wont charge and the food is decently priced and they have the greates pizza I've ever had and the place goes nuts during Wings games its like your at the Joe except the games on a TV its an awesome place.
  6. A letter to the NHL officials Association

    This league's officiating is an absolute joke I used to watch every game that was on TV besides the Wings, when it was on ESPN before the lockout, now I can arley stand to watch 10 min. of a game at a time if its not the Wings. The officiating is so horrible that the hockey being played is brought down a level cause no one knows what they can and can not do its sad but I think if this continues the league will eventualy dissolve, Bettman needs to be thrown out. And who the hell decided Brad Watson was a good enough official to ref in the playoffs and then stil good enough to ref the 2nd round?
  7. Kyle Quincey on FB & HW.

    Considering Detroit is the only team still at the top of the standings that were also there before the salary cap I say he's doin a pretty damn good job
  8. Downey Elbows Opposing Goalie In AHL Playoffs

    Griffs just aren't doin anything this series reall dissapointing and as far as the Downey hit I,ve looked at it a few times and it was a cheap shot but I don't think he got him in the head it look liked the chest to me.