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    Any members here from phoenix that might be willing to do me a favor? If so can you please contact me? Need an item picked up in phoenix at the Hard Rock Cafe
  2. roaddaw9

    Paterson and Mantha on Team Canada roster for WJC

    Jake playing unless he is having a good camp might be difficult. As someone who gets to watch him play juniors on a routine basis, Jake has not been Jake. Been fighting the puck and his been a little "average" this year after a great campaign last year. Hoping that he gets out of this "funk" but he just hasn't been playing like he did last year. Almost like the pressure of being drafted is getting to him......
  3. roaddaw9

    Mursak Expectations

    I can add a little info on this subject. Jan played with the Saginaw Spirit in juniors. Jan has great speed and is not afraid to hit. Rumors floating back to Saginaw is that he really feels more comfortable with North American hockey (Know the people that housed him in Saginaw). Jan played on a line in Saginaw with Tom Pyatt. However when Tom moved on the next year, Jan looked lost without anyone to get him the puck. So the bottom line is if he can get the space and get moving, he will be able to put up points. Put he will need a center with him to get him so passes.
  4. roaddaw9

    Rumor: Done Deal - Auburn Hills

    Ironic as it is that I posted this today, no this is not an April Fools Joke
  5. roaddaw9

    Rumor: Done Deal - Auburn Hills

    Call me a liar, flame me for not having a source. But from a reliable source, the deal is done and announcement is TBD. The Red Wings have signed a three year deal to head north to Auburn Hills to play at the Palace. Just wanted to pass this information along. I also consider it a rumor till announced, but wanted to give everyone a heads up.
  6. roaddaw9

    New Arena Name?

    LOL if some money doesn't appear from somehwere, it will be called the Palace cause that is where we might end up.
  7. roaddaw9

    Dallas Drake to be at Saginaw Spirit game

    Actually once a year Saginaw usually brings in a player to sign. Last year babs was up and signed items. Usually it is around Christmas time when a player shows up. Igor has been here as well in the past. Yzerman was in Saginaw one time to watch Kindl, but he wasn't signing that night.
  8. roaddaw9

    Dish Network=good network?

    Had Dish about 3 years now. They have never given me a reason to go back to that company that starts with a C and ends with a harter.
  9. roaddaw9

    Patrick Kane Arrested

    He doesn't look too drunk lol
  10. roaddaw9

    Who will man the right point on the second PP unit

    LOL who cares, it isn't sammy! You could put Jimmy Howard out their and he would be more affective from the point then Sammy.
  11. roaddaw9

    1955 posts for game 7 STANLEY CUP WIN!

    Lets go Wings!
  12. roaddaw9

    1000 post for a stanley cup finals game 2 victory

    Good Luck in Game 2 and hopefully to a better performance!
  13. roaddaw9

    Wings' Osgood to go for Game 5

    And everyone take a breath.............
  14. roaddaw9

    WCF GAME 4 GDT: Red Wings 6, at Blackhawks 1

    Unless I am missing something, it sure appears Osgood is sitting on the bench on the right side next to the door to the locker rooms.
  15. roaddaw9

    CALM DOWN Threads//Merged

    Oh wow, Boston must be going to get eliminated to. They are on their way to a lost in the 3rd. Oh Wait!!!! It's one game their too! Calm down everyone!