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  1. Holland thinking of re-signing Kirk Maltby

    No! please no!!!!!!!!
  2. Jerseys

    I wear my jerseys all the time, even in the summer. I don't care how it looks.
  3. Put Ozzy in.

    oh yeah, lets put in a goalie who has played in TWO whole games since the start of 2010. Yep, that will fix everything! Ozzie can take draws and win them right?
  4. 2010 Round 2 Photoshop War: San Jose Sharks

    the other funny looking twilight dude was sharkboy? also,I would hope he's a wings fan, dude is from grand rapids.
  5. Game time for Tuesday?

    A full day of being a nervous wreck! I have the day off, I think I"ll go see a movie to pass the time.
  6. petition to chant Howie! Howie!

    I was in 220, it was Jimmy up there as well.
  7. Which NHLer would you like to punch in the face?

    I'm sure Pronger, Crosby, Perry, etc are popular answers, but I really want to punch Legace or Jason Williams in the face. They both have the type of face you just want to walk up and punch, really hard.
  8. who's going to the game?

    Not pretty at this point, I was wondering myself. Looked at the ticket exchange on ticketmaster and stubhub. Stubhub's prices should go down closer to game time, but still wow. I have a ticket already!!!!! I had a feeling this was going 7, so got a ticket during the pre-sale. Now, I have to determine what time to leave Kzoo.
  9. I'm wondering the same thing, I live around Kzoo, but I haven't looked at any of the stores here yet. I might head out later and see if I can find one.
  10. who's gonna "step up" tonight? game 5

    Hossa, because Babcock is going to trick him into thinking it's Game 4 again, so he'll get 2 goals.

    That is from 2002. I don't believe he touched it in '97 or '98. If I remember right, after they took pictures he just picked it up and carried it into the room. Most years, they take the picture and leave it on the table. I kinda laughed at Crosby since he picked it up and was carrying it around and got Malkin and Gonchar in there for some pictures with it.
  12. Pre Sale for tickets...

    that's funny, I called ticketmaster at about 12:10 and they had seats.