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  1. Kevin182


  2. Im in class right now looking for a stream. Please help me out!!!! Thanks!

  3. Kevin182

    2,000 Posts for Game 7 Win

    It's not worth winning if you can't win big. Go Wings!!
  4. Kevin182

    WCQF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Coyotes 1

    Bert 2.0 + Z + Fil = 6 goals tonight. GO WINGS!!!!!
  5. Kevin182

    History will be made commercial

    Ok I made one of Datsyuk's goal during the winter classic. I know the camera angle is not the best but it was the only one that was easier to edit.
  6. Kevin182

    3/27 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Predators 0 (SO)

    Make it 5 in a row. This would probably be the biggest win this season. Im loving this race for the playoffs because it makes for a better game.
  7. Kevin182

    DET-PIT Post-Game Discussion

    This is should be an easy one. Of course I would cheer for him, if he is on your favorite team, you are going to cheer for him.... Does anybody remember when Cheli got traded here? Nuff said.
  8. Kevin182

    My first game

    Cameras under 80mm are allowed inside Joe Louis Arena on game day. Cameras with lenses that extend 80mm and detachable lenses over 80mm will not be allowed inside Joe Louis Arena on game day. Video cameras and flash photography are NOT allowed. But I would not worry about the flash part. They really don't care. Autographs are hard to come by after the game. Your best bet is to wait outside by the Gordie Howe entrence/box office area and wait when the players drive by. There is a slim chance that somebody will stop but hey you do what you want. Players usually arrive early at the Joe.
  9. Kevin182

    Jason Williams Close To 1 Year Deal

    Well the person who texted me the news is good friends with Jason. I doubt that they would lie about that. If you don't believe me thats fine but my source is very reliable.
  10. Kevin182

    Jason Williams Close To 1 Year Deal

    I got some insider news that Jason Williams is close to signing a 1 year deal with the Wings. Look out for this deal to happen soon. Discuss.
  11. Kevin182

    Where do the Red Wings go now?

    Did you really think hossa would resign with the wings? sorry i think its a good fit for chicago but come next year they are screwed.
  12. Kevin182

    WIN It in 7... Go Wings

    who ever voted for the pens is a dumb dumb.
  13. Kevin182

    Locker Room hats leaked (merged)

    Well here they are...
  14. Kevin182

    May drive up to D town from Chitown for Friday

    lol i doubt it if the cup will be there after the game.
  15. Kevin182

    May drive up to D town from Chitown for Friday

    Hockeytown Cafe is probably your best bet. They have an outdoor screen that you can watch by sitting on lawn chairs or inside they have theater that has a 10 foot screen projecting the game. But get their way early because it was full tonight and they were turning people away.... I would say get there around 4:30. Also they have a parking garage right next to the cafe. It will probably be about 15 bucks.