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  1. well, good when they pull it with 2 and a half to go... didn't work last night against Ottawa.
  2. kindl and cleary - this thread is gonna get fun
  3. on Sportsnet One here - one positive about rogers getting the deal is more wings games on cable here.
  4. I hope Cleary scores for the lulz
  5. No way should he start in Detroit... he has only played Junior. Mackinnon is a class above this kid, numbers don't make a player in the Q - he put up good numbers, but I wouldn't say he is ready. Martin Frk was playing with Mackinnon and was lighting it up for the Moose and then he turned out to be terrible for Grand Rapids and was buried, not sure why anyone expects that Mantha is going to make the team, would be cool to see him play a pre-season game perhaps but even if he scored 3 or 4 goals in a game I still think he owuldn't be with the big club Day 1... it wouldn't be good for him.... we aren't Edmonton.
  6. What a great move it was too!
  7. gdt

    and he realistically would have had to back hand a shot without much option on the forehand
  8. gdt

    or maybe not the NBC feed - least i don't have to listen to jim hewson anymore
  9. gdt

    CBC feed went down - they switched to what looks like the NBC feed now
  10. GDT

    heh, I did not know that
  11. GDT

    why doesn't coke slap pepsi labels on their products? same diff
  12. GDT

    they were 25 minute periods at least
  13. GDT

    yep these guys blow leads just like the current crop