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  1. Never go full retard!
  2. Looked like an NHL 11 hit.
  3. Robocop's good but this would be better IMO! Imagine the other team we face thinking " Oh f***!!" "What did we get ourselves into?"
  4. Kopecky is the other one. 3X Dont forget him, or doesn't he count?
  5. Well then root for Leino instead
  6. I'd rather try and take a run for Patrick Sharp for the same money.
  7. The Big Epocalypse is in for Lebda? Babcock are you mad?!!!!!!!!! Especially it being against the Flames. Can't he wait a little while longer til we play a s*** team?
  8. Ranger fans you funny!! Makes us as Wings fans feel lucky to have Holland.
  9. Must beat the Canf***themselves!!
  10. The two teams with the most NHL players on each team. In fact they were all NHLers. This just tells me NHL>over any other league in the world. Can't beat North American boys at their own game.
  11. trade Bertuzzi. He's had some nice stretches but not consistent enough. I'd take some Afinigenov for some Bert.
  12. pfffffffffff! no! He got lucky. that is all.
  13. Has anyone heard or seen this?|DET|home I didn't know Ozzie had all this going on at his house. I would love to skate there and shoot the puck on him just once. Ozzie I don't care if you can't stop a beachball you are #1 in my book! Class act!! This elevates you to Lidstrom status as a human being! edit: I 'd probably just aim for the 5-hole.
  14. Nice to see Flip and the Finns get the bronze and Flip being part of it even though it was just an en goal. Now Raffi and Team Usa have to take the gold I hope.