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  1. Lilja, Modano, and Maltby news

    if tampa is interested he should go don't let the door hit u on ur way out. he doesn't do much anymore
  2. RUMOR: Wings Offer 1-year Contract to Maltby

    same team i can see anothe early exit for the wings. i don't think hudler will make a diffrence. i see him as jason williams/ the following players need to move on hudler (overpaid) meech williams draper maltby
  3. RUMOR: Wings Offer 1-year Contract to Maltby

    i hope it's not true this guy needs to go he can be replaced. maltby draper need to retire let Abdelkader, helm take over.
  4. Who sucks more?

    leino can't score he is 4th line player the reason is playing 2nd or 3rd line cause of the injuries.