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  1. Now what?

    The signings we are making now indicate to me we very well might be out of Parise race. We dont really have cap room anymore to sign Parise+Suter+Quincey+Abdelkader plus we have a lot of forwards signed. This suggests to me we are out on parise and I wont be surprised if we are building depth to trade multiple forwards for Nash
  2. Retire Osgood's #30?

    That is why you compare them to their peers...And while their was less goalies in the NHL, there wasnt less "competition" for those trophies. You had to compete to be a starter, not many open spots. Osgood likely would not have been a starter most of his career if we only had 6 teams now. Sawchuk was the best goalie of his generation, I dont care if there were 6, 10 or 30 teams, he would have been the best. You cant even make a serious claim that osgood was top 3 of his generation, Roy, Hasek and Brodeur were all clearly better goalies. I think Ed Belfour has a good argument to being better than Ozzie. There are also a couple others who could make an argument, including CuJo but I dont think Id give CuJo an edge given Ozzie playoff success.
  3. Retire Osgood's #30?

    Sawchuk was a 11x all star, 4x vezina trophy winner. He won 3 cups with the Wings as a starter. He is widely considered one of the greatest goalies in NHL history. I really hope your post was a joke. If you want to use Sawchuk for a benchmark for Ozzie, Ozzie is never gonna make it. Sawchuk was a way better goalie. Sawchuk was the best goalie of his generation. He made 11 all star games and won 4 vezina to prove it. The best you could argue is Osgood was the 4th best goalie of his generation, and I wouldnt even have him that high. Ozzie only made 2 all star games and never won a vezina. The Hockey News had Sawchuk the 9th greatest player in NHL history in their top 100 players book (all positions, and 1st goalie listed).
  4. Retire Osgood's #30?

    I have a hard time retiring a number of a guy who our coaches were always looking to replace. We were always splitting his time with other guys and acquiring new goalies to try and replace him. Did you know Osgood only started more than 41 games (playing over half) 7 times in his 14 years on the Red Wings. He only started 50+ games (what I would constitute as full time starter would) only 3 times in his Red Wings career.
  5. History will be made

    that is a real one, its on NHL.com also, expect to see it soon
  6. Osgood to start Sunday

    I dont get the just in case we need ozzie in the playoffs stuff. This isnt 2 years ago when we had 2 goalies splitting time and rotated them. We have a STARTING goalie and a BACKUP goalie this season. Their roles are clearly defined and Howard is going to get every opportunity to succeed or fail in the playoffs. Starting goalies rarely get changed mid playoffs, when and if it does happen, its usually situations like we have had previous two seasons with goalies splitting time. This is Howards team, he is the STARTER.
  7. 1-7-2

    I know its not a fair comparison because the 07-08 team won the cup, but just to show how bad Osgood has been this season in 07-08 Osgood was 27-9-4, he had 9 losses and 4 otl in 43 games this season Osgood is 7-9-4, so 9 losses and 4 otl in 23 games He has as many losses/otl as he did 2 seasons ago in 20 less games. His GAA also jumped almost a goal a game (2.09 to 3.02) and Save percentage dropped from .914 to .888 I think its hard to call this season a fluke, his gaa is almost identical this season to last season (3.09 and 3.02) and is Save Percentage is almost identical as well (.888 and .887). We dont have the offense to bail him out this year that we had last year, and his record is reflecting that. I think age has caught up to him, he had a great career as a Red Wing goalie and I respect everything he has done. But its gotten to a point that I cringe everytime he is in net and you can almost put 3 goals on the board for the other team to start.
  8. 1-7-2

    People keep saying that he doesnt need to play every darn game, in terms of games started he is 12th in the NHL. In terms of minutes played he is 12th in the NHL. He is the STARTING goalie, Osgood is the backup. All the other goalies with similar stats to Howard are getting the workload that he is. Its not unusual for a STARTING goalie to get that many starts. We are just used to have 2 goalies who were similar splitting time. This season we have one goalie who is heads and shoulders above the other and is getting full time starter minutes.
  9. 1-7-2

    Who the hell is talking about 1 game? I love how the Ozzie slappys are out in force "His last game was as good as Howards" Who gives a flying (you know what) Howard also had a shutout last week that went into the SO. Howard also is top 5 in Sv % and GAA. Osgood is 1-7-2 his last 10 starts and has horrible stats. Who gives a rats (you know what) what they each did their last game. This thread wasnt about todays game, it was about ozzies last 10 and his season in general.
  10. 1-7-2

    You cant be serious, Howard is playing close to Vezina finalist level. Ozzie is almost an automatic 3+ goal a game at this point and every time he gets a chance he does bad. Ozzie has deserved nothing more than he has gotten this season. Ozzie also followed up those games you mentioned by allowing 5 goals, to Toronto. Then Howard came in and won 3 games in a row, and after his next loss they gave Ozzie another chance. They didnt shut down Ozzie at that point. Ozzie then got 3 of the next 5 starts, losing all 3, 2 in regulation. And the 2 games Howard played in that stretch he won 1 and lost the other while allowing only 2 goals. Howard started heating up at this point and Ozzie lost every game he started almost. Howard won the job outright and that is why Ozzie got shut down. And he then basically lost every opportunity he had since then, so he has done nothing to show Babcock he deserves more time.
  11. 1-7-2

    I would agree, but no one is talking about just this game. Ozzie has been bad all season, particularly the last 10 starts, which I am pointing out in this thread. This isnt about just this game.
  12. 1-7-2

    But still Howard never came close to that bad of a stretch with our depleted lineup. The worst 10 game stretch I can find Howard having was 3-3-4. That is still 10 pts in 10 games, 6 more pts than we have gotten from Ozzie in this stretch. Howard also has a ridiculously better save percentage and GAA. Ozzie has given up 3 or more goals in 8 of those 10 starts and the 2 times he didnt he won and got an OTL.
  13. 1-7-2

    1-7-2 That is Wings record in Osgoods last 10 starts. If he was even average in that stretch we could possibly be fighting for the division right now and would be in a lot better shape for 4th at least. 4 pts in 10 games is horrible from your backup. Are we seeing Ozzie's last games in a Red Wings jersey? Coaches obviously have no confidence in him, given the start streak Howard has gotten. Do we go into next season with him as our backup?
  14. 2/6 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Kings 4

    can someone please PM me the password to the stream in the profile mentioned on the frontpage, THANKS
  15. Patrick Kane Arrested

    lol at Chicago fans, from another forum