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  1. looking for advice about hockey town

    yea i was already planning on wearing my shanny jersey. i figure just in case you guys are a rough crowd (although nobody can be worse than philly), the shanny would at least give me a little respect and credibility as a visiting fan
  2. looking for advice about hockey town

    thanks everybody for all the help. it seems the consensus is to stay outside the city so that is what i will probably do. i appreciate it
  3. looking for advice about hockey town

    thanks for the info- i actually plan on flying up so i dont have to worry about traffic and roads though. and is the city really that bad? almost starting to scare me off a little, lol. maybe that is your plan to keep opposing fans outta your building, haha
  4. looking for advice about hockey town

    thanks for the advice. how close to downtown is the joe? btw, i love your name. shanny is awesome. i'm really keepin my fingers crossed hoping we bring him back last minute for one more year, even though i think it is time to move on.
  5. Hi- i am a ranger fan and am thinking about making the trip from ny up to detroit for the ranger-redwing game in october. i am just looking for any advice or tips about my trip, if you dont mind helping out a ranger fan. there are tickets available in the $25 level but they are marked obstructed view. How bad are they? Are the $35 much better? any suggestions about the best place to sit, taking into account that i am on a semi-tight budget? Also, what are some decent hotels that arent ridiculously overpriced? what part of the city should i look to stay in? near the arena or somewhere else? i know absolutely nothing about the city so any advice will be extremely helpful. thanks a lot in advance!