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  1. Seems pretty straight forward. I went to scrolled to the bottom of the page and clicked on the Interships link. There is also a link to NHL jobs in the same area, titled Employment.
  2. I'd sell them.
  3. Honorable? What are you talking about? Do you even know how the Wings got Federov?
  4. egroen now has 8 numbers. That's the box I'm talking about.
  5. All it takes is a half-hour each day to look after your groin, and we got a professional group. - Mike Babcock
  6. I disagree. Osgood is steadily climbing up the league and Red Wings' all-time stat sheets. I like both players and would be fine if both have their numbers retired, but I don't want to see it snowball. The day Shanahan's number gets retired would be a dark day.
  7. The box of retiring the ones that require an arguement. Osgood now. Whoever else down the line.
  8. Yes, but he didn't play his best years here. I'm on the fence. Federov was a great player in Detroit but I do see the box that retiring his number would open. Of the guys you listed I think Federov is the most deserving. As for Vladimir, I like the unofficial retirement of his number, similar to #6.
  9. As opposed to Quincey, who apparently was trying to learn how to fight which helps his defensive game.
  10. Who is removed from the roster?
  11. Of course Chelios is on LTI. Why wouldn't he be? He has a broken leg and will be out more that 21 days. That's what I said. But Chelios isn't coming back now, so Chelios signing didn't really have anything to with Kyle Quincey being waived NOW.
  12. Terrible news.