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  1. sunflower


  2. sunflower

    INFOS about some prospects

    I believe that Zack Torquato is not a Red Wings prospect anymore. He played for the Minnesota Wild (amateur tryout) at the NHL prospect tournament this year (i don't think they signed him though.) He plays for the Erie Otters. I am curious to know what happened to the other players on your list.
  3. sunflower

    11/8 GDT: Grand Rapids @ Lake Erie

    Thanks for the link! I was about to give up on watching the Griffins game so i was watching soccer instead!Haha! It seems like the 2nd period was pretty intense. It is really cool that FSN Ohio braodcasts the Lake Erie games. It'd be cool if a Michigan channel could broadcast some Griffins games this season. Go Griffins!
  4. sunflower

    11/8 GDT: Grand Rapids @ Lake Erie

    I am having problems was working but now it says it is off air
  5. sunflower

    Members photos

    Just do French girls run?? I am French and i didn't know there was a "French girl" way to run!lol!
  6. sunflower

    10/29 GDT: Ducks 5, Red Wings 4 (OT)

    That was a very frustrating game!!! The Ducks play dirty, the Wings spent too much time in the box, bad calls from the refs and Toronto, bad defense, DMac lost a fight... The only good things out of this game are: - Datsyuk and Hossa are doing great playing together, Ozzie had a good game. - Detroit fans are everywhere...keep throwing those octopi!!!LOL Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day/game!!!
  7. sunflower

    10/29 GDT: Ducks 5, Red Wings 4 (OT)

    Oops, sorry for posting the list again...i didn't see that someone had already posted it...i am a slow poster! Anyway, if anyone else has the same problem as me, FSN+ was listed as channel 88 for Charter, it didn't work but i found it on channel 101-11. Enjoy the game! Let's Go Red Wings!
  8. sunflower

    10/29 GDT: Ducks 5, Red Wings 4 (OT) Red Wings Live on FSN+ right now? If it is then i don't get that channel... Anyone else has Charter and can't see RWL? Channel Numbers for WED. OCT. 29 - RED WINGS at ANAHEIM 9:30 - Red Wings Live 10:00 - Red Wings at Anaheim Postgame - Red Wings Live SATELLITE PROVIDERS: DIRECTV Ch. 664 DISH NETWORK Ch. 450 CABLE PROVIDERS: ACR AUBURN HILLS Ch. 64 ALLENDALE COMMUNICATIONS Ch. 56 AT&T U-VERSE Ch. 738 BRIGHT HOUSE NETWORKS Ch. 77 BROADSTRIPE Ch. 18, 19 or 97 BUCKEYE CABLEVISION Ch. 8 or Ch. 13 CARR Ch. 212 CEBRIDGE Channel varies CHARTER Ch. 88 CITY OF NEGAUNEE Ch. 51 COLDWATER CATV Ch. 95 CTS Ch. 46 COMCAST Ch. 901 D&P CABLE Ch. 21 EDWARD ROSE PROPERTIES Ch. 3 PARISH COMMUNICATIONS Ch. 24, 26, 97 or 98 SPRINGCOM Ch. 50 VOGTMANN ENGINEERING Ch. 97 WOW! Ch. 14 WYANDOTTE MUNICIPAL Ch. 17
  9. sunflower

    Red Wings visit the White House

    Yes it is Derek Meech! "The door man": those pics are great, thanks for sharing, hope you had a good time there!
  10. sunflower

    Hudler's tongue

    Hahaha, i laughed when i saw that topic because last year, i took a picture of Hudler sticking his tongue out! Maybe he has OCD...just kidding. Anyway, i hope he'll have a great season.