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    1/4 GDT: Red Wings 5 at Oilers 3

    Vancouver? Put down the cognac Murphy...
  2. IUWingsFan

    WCSF Game 4 GDT: Sharks 1 at Red Wings 7

    If we learn nothing else tonight it's that Mindfly should be prohibited from watching games
  3. IUWingsFan

    Lebda out; Lilja in

    It's ironic that after all the crap Lebda took from people here, they plead for Babs to leave him in the lineup for an elimination game. Lebs-Lils would be the best option to me, but I'll trust Babcock has a clue here.
  4. IUWingsFan

    WCSF Game 4 GDT: Sharks 1 at Red Wings 7

    Wings: Sharks: Finally the 4-3 score goes our way. RAGE
  5. IUWingsFan

    For those of us going to game 4..

    Can't be there tonight as I have a final until 7, but I fully agree. I already bought my game 6 tickets, and I fully intend on using them. Lets go boys...
  6. IUWingsFan

    2010 NHL Playoffs

    Western Conference 1. San Jose Sharks vs. 8. Colorado Avalanche San Jose in 7 2. Chicago Blackhawks vs. 7. Nashville Predators Hawks in 6 3. Vancouver Canucks vs. 6. Los Angeles Kings Kings in 6 4. Phoenix Coyotes vs. 5. Detroit Red Wings Red Wings in 6 Eastern Conference 1. Washington Capitals vs. 8. Montreal Canadiens Caps in 4 2. New Jersey Devils vs. 7. Philadelphia Flyers Flyers in 6 3. Buffalo Sabers vs. 6. Boston Bruins Sabres in 5 4. Pittsburgh Penguins vs. 5. Ottawa Senators Penguins in 5
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    3/20 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Canucks 3 (OT)

  8. IUWingsFan

    ... born and raised in SOUTH DETROIT!

    I don't know when they began playing it at the Joe, but Journey recorded the album that song is on in Southfield, and if I remember correctly they assumed it was "South Detroit". I agree the song is way overplayed, but it's still nice to hear it at JLA.
  9. IUWingsFan

    Quick question for the folks of LGW

    I took the box score to the local Arby's in Bloomington, Indiana. The guy at the window was clearly confused, but after I showed him the graphic FS Detroit showed on TV, they honored it He probably has no idea who the Red Wings are, but I'll take it...
  10. IUWingsFan

    Top Ten Players in the Playoffs from the Hockey News

    That's high praise for Z, but well deserved... IMO, I think it would've been interesting to see Hank matched up with Malkin at some point during the Finals. I know the argument was that Geno wasn't as dangerous at ES, but I think he could've been exposed just as much as Sid
  11. IUWingsFan

    Wings Hotel in Chicago

    The team is at the Sutton Place in downtown. Everybody needs to relax about them being in "playoff" mode 24/7. I talked to some friends who were up there Thursday when they came in, and said that every player that went out to eat or whatever was very accomodating. I'd suggest if you're going to go, try later today as they are always super cool on the off days... Good luck
  12. IUWingsFan

    Round 2 Playoff Picks Game: Final Standings

    DET/ANA 4-1 VAN/CHI 4-2 BOS/CAR 4-1 WSH/PIT 4-3
  13. IUWingsFan


    I agree Filppula played excellent last night, and has looked much better recently. Hopefully he helps us win another Cup, in which case he will bring back better picks/players in a trade to allow us to keep Hossa... ***ing Salary Cap
  14. IUWingsFan

    2009 Playoff Picks Game

    SJS/ANA 4-2 DET/CLB 4-1 VAN/STL 4-2 CHI/CAL 4-3 BOS/MTL 4-3 WSH/NYR 4-0 NJD/CAR 4-2 PHI/PIT 4-3 WCC: Detroit Red Wings ECC: Washington Capitals SCC: Detroit Red Wings
  15. IUWingsFan

    Darren Helm Recalled from Grand Rapids

    I was thinking the same thing. He was awesome for us in the playoffs last year, but that's a little disconserting. I'm sure he was playing against the top players in the AHL, but, it is the AHL. Hopefully he provides the same spark this year...
  16. IUWingsFan

    2/27 GDT: Kings 1 at Red Wings 2

    Wings win 5-3 Hudler, Raffy, Dats, Lids, and Malts O'Sullivan, Stoll, and Doughty for the Queens
  17. IUWingsFan

    2/25 GDT: Sharks 1 at Red Wings 4

    3-2 Wings Win Hossa, Filppula, Cleary
  18. IUWingsFan

    A new netminder?

    I like this idea, but less we forget Minnesota is only two points out of a playoff spot. If in two weeks they somehow fall out a few points back, this could be a possibility, but look at it from the Wild's point of view. As much as you don't want to lose a goalie like Backstrom to UFA, making the playoffs is still very possible, and they could believe they have a shot at making a run. That said, I don't think Kenny would trade Conklin, who probably took less to play here, and most likely a 1st/2nd round pick, for a rental, even if it's an obvious upgrade. He'll need to move Fil to keep Hossa and Franzen, but this isn't the way he'll do it IMO...
  19. IUWingsFan

    2/12 GDT: Wild 2 at Red Wings 4

    *Moves Backstrom to the bench on Fantasy Team just in case* Wings Win 6-4 Hossa, Lids, Cleary, Z (2), and Drapes (EN)
  20. IUWingsFan

    Franzen or Hudler

    Hudler for me. He brings offensive instincts to the table that Franzen doesn't. Sure, the Mule will put up 40 goals in a good year, but IMHO, he doesn't make players around him better. Hudler does, and while he is not as good on the defensive end, we have enough forwards who are.
  21. IUWingsFan

    Winter Classic

    My friend got a single ticket, so I plan on going to the game and buying one right at game time outside. As for bars, if you've been around Wrigley before, the usual bars I'm sure will be a blast for the game. I'm sure plenty of Wings fans will be around...
  22. We all know Ozzie and Conklin need to pick up the play, no matter who's in net. Hopefully it happens, and the two guys we have in Grand Rapids will only need to be called up to give these guys a little break later in the year. Last year, the Wings called up Jimmy Howard in the middle of February, and he played in 4 games, starting two. He played very well, posting a .926 save percentage in those four games. However, some argue though that Daniel Larsson is now our primary goalie prospect. He outplayed Howard in camp, and is now doing so in Grand Rapids this season, posting a shutout against the Wolves on the road the other day. Bottom line, when the time comes later in the year to call one of these guys up, whether for injury, or for rest for Conks and Ozzie, which goalie should the Wings call up? These are their stats from Grand Rapids this year... GP W L SV % SO Howard 13 5 5 .895 0 Larsson 12 7 2 .910 2
  23. I'm surprised that the Winter Classic is just over two months away, and there has still not been an announcement on how many tickets will be made available, how much they will be, etc. We all know it will be a very tough ticket no matter when they go on sale, but I just find it strange that nothing has really been released. Has anybody heard anything new regarding the game, or have any more info on what to expect? Bettman is supposed to attend the Hawks game tonight, so maybe we will hear something sooner rather than later, but still a bit strange...
  24. IUWingsFan


    I'd say thats a bit outlandish, considering the boards seem to agree Lilja will bag at least 100, and Homer the 82 he's on pace for... Mule's good for 60-70 max by my math...
  25. IUWingsFan

    Zetterberg as a free agent

    I still think they'll get him signed between 7.5-8.5 mil per year for 4-5 years, but the more time that passes, the more I become concerned that the process isn't going the way Holland planned for, and something might go wrong. IIRC, Holland was adament about sitting down with Z's agent right at July 1st last summer and trying to work something out long term. Then Hossa came into the picture, and now its not the guarantee I thought it would be. Not saying they would keep Hossa over Z by any stretch, but unless they are keeping talks real quiet that are going on now, a new deal doesn't sound imminent. That said, Kenny's god, he'll get it done at a price we'll probably all drool at...