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  1. I thought brazen actually looked decent against the bruins, let's hope he keeps that up. We should have the more talented goalie by a lot. I don't think Nilsson or Lerner is any good.
  2. im calling a wings win in regulation!
  3. Yea definitely awful timing and luck for jurco, I'd hate to see us lose or give up on him. Pulk I could really do without, he's too easy to move off the puck
  4. Stars in 6. Stars are clearly better, but niemi and leg tones aren't good goalies
  5. If the isles had a healthy halak and team I'd pick them in 5, without that I'll still say islanders in 6, Tavares will be the best player on the ice and I think they can pull it out
  6. Kings in 5
  7. GDT

    You're right, there's really no reason the wings would win this series. Just hoping the veterans channel something we haven't seen this season
  8. Ducks in 6
  9. GDT

    Unfortunately I have a game at ten tonight hopefully the win is wrapped up by then!
  10. Caps in five, even though the flyers made up ground in the later part of the season they really didn't play well down the stretch, so I think the boost some 8 seeds receive from playing well down the stretch doesn't apply here
  11. If they remove hitting, I will take my balls and leave. I don't think betam will ever ban fighting. Even though everyone ******* about him, he's proven to be a very good commissioner
  12. GDT

    That's a bad goal
  13. GDT

    Would like to see a poke check there if your not going to keep the stick on the ice. Seriously though what was green thinking?
  14. GDT

    Wheeler has a laser we need someone like that