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  1. gdt

    i'm loving this team right now! hopefully it's a sign of things to come.... the kids are alright!
  2. GDT

    i wasted a perfectly good sunny california afternoon for this crap.... really frustrated and hard to be optimistic anymore
  3. GDT

    this team is spoiled...the only way to change is to miss the playoffs
  4. GDT

    two good periods of hockey and we just tank the 3rd. stupid.
  5. gdt

    Ballast Point has some good brews, and Green Flash has some killer IPA's.
  6. The Post and Cobo Joe's are a zoo on game days.... Hit up Greektown, there's plenty of cool spots to eat/drink. Sweetwater Tavern is ridiculous, and probably easier to grab a seat over Slo's (they are always packed) Get some drinks here: Sugar House Two James Any seat at the Joe is a good seat...Have fun, enjoy one of the last great hockey arenas.
  7. this team can't be trusted in a shootout.... to score or to stop goals. and on home ice none the less.
  8. for this quote alone, he should go. "I always want to play defense first and make sure I don't make any mistakes in my own end and try to help out the D"
  9. We have bigger problems than between the pipes... I have no problem with Monster (if they can bring him back for cheap?) let's see how he handles tonight. We need somebody who's hungry and will push Howard, Mrazek could be that guy. We need somebody who's not going to be injury/concussion prone.
  10. GDT

    Monster kept us in there... What the hell happened to Nyquist? And would somebody please fight somebody.
  11. the amount of turnovers and inability to get the puck up the ice is sickening. and smith can't be the only one out there getting physical and in their face. boston is roughing us up in our own house, wings need to set the tone. nobody is angry, nobody wants it. that's what i see.
  12. been a wings fan since my dad to me to the joe when i was 7. when i moved to LA a few years back, i figured, i could at least root for the home team. i think i hate the kings more now. i remember early oiler games with gretzy and i have a soft spot for them. otherwise i'm cheering for whomever is playing against the ducks, penguins, and blackhawks.