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  1. Canada > Russia
  2. Can you imagine something preventing the Swiss club from winning a game in the Olympics?
  3. USA really demonstrating their firepower.
  4. Your eventual failure will speak volumes in support of my statement.
  5. If any of you honestly believe that line is stronger than Ovechkin-Datsyuk-Semin or Nash-Crosby-Bergeron (which, at any given moment, could have an even more talented sniper on the wing), you need to book a few nights in a mental institution as soon as possible.
  6. Not even close.
  7. Canada: 1 Gold 2 Silver 1 Bronze
  8. I'm Canadian, and I am ready to watch us dominate.
  9. I'll believe it when I see it.
  10. Not even close to enough going to Atlanta.
  11. What a retarded statement. Howard gave us an opportunity to win right off the bat, and we blew it.
  12. Yes, and for once, I agree with him.
  13. Good short term move for the Flames. Potential to be a good long-term move for the Leafs.
  14. If there's no pick coming Toronto's way, that is a bad trade.