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  1. Good ol' hockey! Even in a charity game the fighting spirit of hockey lives on. Too funny.
  2. Here's another dirty move but this one actually in a game. Kid has some potential!
  3. GDT

    I agree but I would also like to see what Jurco can bring for that line. He's a high energy guy who should make more room for Mule to get into shooting positions.
  4. gdt

    Emmerton sent down. Callahan and Bertuzzi in the line up
  5. Look what Brent Burns is doing over in SJ. Goes to show that it CAN work. Will it with Brenden? Might find out tonight.
  6. GDT

    Looks like Lashoff and Monster are in tonight. Smith being the healthy scratch on D. Interesting.
  7. Hopefully there won't be any pre game injuries that put Cleary back into the lineup again....
  8. I like this because they chose to dump Sammy rather than send down a kid who's been playing great instead!
  9. Finally!! Maybe if he goes unclaimed he'll just straight up retire. Wishful thinking!
  10. injured

    Bleh Emmerton recalled. Oh well.
  11. injured

    According to Khan, Holland is meeting with coaches before they decide who to call up. HOPEFULLY its Jurco!
  12. injured

    Oh of course I would too but knowing how things go it'll likely be Eaves or Glendening rather than a new face.
  13. injured

    No Bertuzzi on Wednesday either now....wonder if Eaves is on his way back?
  14. injured

    I'm thinking Mr. Helm will be on the ice a lot more now.
  15. GDT

    Cousin of Jarnkrok too. Maybe some day.