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  1. The whistle was blown about 2-3 seconds before the puck was shot. We won't hear the end of this from Hawks fans!
  2. how the hell can the hawks cover the puck like that and not get a delay of game??? isnt the new rule that you can't even close your hand on the puck??
  3. Every single play the hawks are bitching for a penalty
  4. Chicago is looking like we usually do in their own zone
  5. Really?? they are going to highlight Shaw's dirty play on Filpula?? NBC is frickin ridiculous
  6. What about Shaw's trip on Ericcson at the blue line that set that whole sequence up??
  7. Around the 2:00 mark, Brown snaps his head back and starts to go down before he is touched!! Couture is really bad too. 100% agree with this. Instead of trying to skate hard through a check or a hook, guys just fall down. It's really pathetic sometimes.
  8. Buzzer Beaters

    My all time favorite:
  9. Helm's Potential

    I see helm being Draper x2. His speed is unbelievable and so is his defensive play. I see a selke trophy in his future.
  10. Sorry to say but....

    fixed it for ya... The NHL is by far the worst run professional sport. The simple fact that Bettman doesn't want to move the Coyotes even though year in and year out they simply cannot make money there shows his business knowledge. We need a new commissioner before it's too late.
  11. Hi James Wisniewski...

    Get out of here then and go back to your team's message board. You referred to players getting injured from questionable hits, this entire thread is about Holmstrom's elbow, which has been deemed a questionable hit.
  12. Hi James Wisniewski...

    The hit didn't hurt him ****** the puck did. The elbow was a basic elbow that stuff happens all of the time, especially in front of the net
  13. Hi James Wisniewski...

    "Well how would you like being elbowed in the face." -Duck Guy Wow, really? These guys are playing hockey for a living, they have had their fair share of elbows to the face, trust me. Homer's average elbow to the face that did no damage whatsoever is not "gutless". He did elbow on purpose but he had no way of knowing Wisniewski was hunched over. He meant to elbow in the body as he was turning away from Niedermeyer but it didnt work out that way. Maybe they should have called an elbowing penalty on Holmstrom but nothing more and it's definately not worth anyone complaining about it. p.s. if Wisniewski hadn't have been cross-checking Homer he would never had gotten the puck in the ribs.