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  1. Debating another jersey.

    Exactly, My first jersey was a red Probert, back when you could buy an authentic one with numbers and lettering for under $150. Then I got a white Fedorov. Everyone knows how that turned out. After that I learned my lesson and went with Stevie, Gordie, & Ted Lindsay.
  2. The closest Sindy will get
  3. SportsK Jerseys

    Peel? The letters weren't sewn on? Note to self : "Never order a jersey from SportsK did a Ted Lindsay jersey for me last fall. The customizing was perfect and they gave me a discount because they still had some of the older koho jerseys in stock.
  4. Mlive reports NOON start on Sunday!

    The one thing you have to remember about Bettman is that it's never about doing what's right for the game. After all, he's the poster boy for
  5. Holland dissappointed with the revised schedule

    The wings should be used to this by now. Normally they have to beat the other team and the refs. Now they have to beat the league too. Just one more log on the fire. :octo:
  6. Detroit Anaheim Series Schedule Released

    From the Wings site this morning Looks like FSD gets games 3, 5, 6, & 7 ROUND 2 PLAYOFF SCHEDULE DATE OPPONENT TIME TV Fri, May 1 ANAHEIM vs. Red Wings 7 p.m. VS,TSN2 Sun, May 3 ANAHEIM vs. Red Wings 2 p.m. NBC,TSN Tue, May 5 Red Wings @ Anaheim 10:30 p.m. FSD,VS,TSN Thu, May 7 Red Wings @ Anaheim 10:30 p.m. VS,TSN *Sun, May 10 ANAHEIM vs. Red Wings 5 p.m. FSD,TSN *Tue, May 12 Red Wings @ Anaheim 10:30 p.m. FSD,VS,TSN *Thu, May 14 ANAHEIM vs. Red Wings 7 p.m. FSD,VS,TSN
  7. Luongo's helmet

    He said I had helmet hair, kick his ass!
  8. Pregame video

    That's the one. Thanks Wow. Wouldn't have guessed Danny Elfman in a million years
  9. Pregame video

    Does anyone know the song that they are using in this year's video. Can't make out any of the words over the Joe's sound system. They play it right before the teams take the ice.