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  1. ha wouldnt doubt it, i also wouldnt doubt howard letting in 4 goals in the first period
  2. Every Game we have lost 4-3, first game they got 3 goals for one. second game, we got screwed over by refs. third game, howard diddnt show up. All we have to do is get the lead and play DEFENSE, something the wings dont seem to have this season. dont pinch in when your in the lead by a goal. play defensively, especially in the third period, if the wings do that its a win.. and look at game 7 when we faced the yotes. those were the wings i know, thats how i see us playing in game 4, with all heart, all out sportsmanship. were not out of this, we just got unlucky these last 3 games. howard please dont let in more than 3 goals if your playing.. dont be a scrub, be the goalie we all know you for, the rookie of the year.
  3. cuz he sucks..
  4. Well, we will find out soon, whether it be osgood or howard in net, best luck to the wings. id be more into the game if osgood was in net, it would be just like old times watching the wings kick ass. if howards in net im just going to be depressed and mad and definite that they will lose.
  5. i agree hes not the main reason but him letting in those 2 goals were a major thing, them not counting the first goal was a big thing aswell
  6. right and he had barely any experience then
  7. its not about the team he played in front of, its about the experience and how good he is in the playoffs.
  8. you cant say howard has done great, not in this series, in the season yeah he was great for a rookie, in these playoffs no, hes nothing but mediocre. ozzy ftw wings in 7.
  9. if your the penguins you can because you get lucky and face the worst teams in the east
  10. we have a better chance with ozzy rather than howard who cant save a beach ball from going in the net.
  12. just take a piss and a Sh#t on it.
  13. its not just this game im talking about.. look at other games how many goals he is letting in. he is letting in way too many goals, 5 goals, 4 goals.. comon now.. 3.00 goals against isnt good at all
  14. you guys can think what you want, im just saying if they keep howard in net they will lose the series.
  15. Howard obviously doesnt have enough experience to face San Jose which is a more veteran type team. last year i believe ozzy was the best goalie in the playoffs with the best goals against ratio, somewhere around 1.88 or something? i dont remember. the point is howard just isnt ready for this veteran team, we need to put in our veteran goalie. please. everyone knows the last two goals scored by SJ was howards fault. anyone agree * UPDATED The first and third goals howard let in were pretty bad. if we are going to win four straight games i dont see it happening with a rookie goalie. go with our veteran goalie. especially from how howard has been playing against the sharks, i mean he has made a few good saves at times but he let in soft goals at the wrong times.