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  1. Interesting Datsyuk Stat

    Your playoff stat is skewed because Pavels played more seasons than the other guys & was not on the ice as much back then. Where as his only stretched across this season making it more accurate. Pavel FTW.
  2. Detroit to offer Hossa long term deal

    Thank you.
  3. Holland: Defense is set, waiting for cap figure

    You do this evey year when someone doesn't play to your expectations. Remember when everyone wanted to get rid of Pavel? For f***s sake, let the man be human for a couple months. Sure, bad timing, but it won't happen again.
  4. Attitude towards other fans

    I didn't just draw a name out of a hat with the word DUCK in it. We were conversing on the forums. & who the f*** are you any way? Everyone is on a powertrip in this place. We're talking about the Goddamned ducks. In the playoffs. Game 7.
  5. Attitude towards other fans

    No. Not worth less. Worthless.
  6. Attitude towards other fans

    Wrong. He's a DUCKS fan.
  7. Attitude towards other fans

    It was me. & it was completely called for; he's a Ducks fan.
  8. Niedermayer cheap shot and brawl

    That's what I've been saying.
  9. Niedermayer cheap shot and brawl

    Oh & I'm sure its great for business that a team who is constantly the best team in the league & seems like every game the play is a home game continues to be the best team in the league. I'm sure that will really increase ratings & interest & sales. What about the quick whistles on the Duck end. The blown offsides. The called off goal. & I believe the Ducks played a game where they only took one penalty. That happened. Crazy, eh? Trust me, the league benefits a lot more if the Ducks move on. They have their 8th seed parity & their west coast team. Plus, the best team in the league loses. Oh, the drama.
  10. Niedermayer cheap shot and brawl

    Oh. We're nervous. But that's because we could get screwed. Not because we know the team we're playing is better than us.
  11. Niedermayer cheap shot and brawl

    I think you're nervous. & I think the Ducks are nervous. & I think you're watching what you say because you have doubts.
  12. Niedermayer cheap shot and brawl

    Tough guy Duck fan doesn't like when the other fan fights back. Typical.
  13. Niedermayer cheap shot and brawl

    What's going to be funny is watching Pronger & Getzlaf look up at the clock as the time ticks down & tonight, the puck was in your net a hell of a lot more than it was in our net. I suppose the only question will be, "Was there an "intent" to blow the whistle before or after the puck went in?" Too bad you can do an instant replay of intent. This s*** should be over already.
  14. Niedermayer cheap shot and brawl

    Me, I'm Wings first, hockey second. That's why the name calling has commenced. Sit the f*** down & go golf.
  15. Niedermayer cheap shot and brawl

    I'm not saving s***. If we don't win against these bastards, we deserve to be embarassed.