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  1. My sister is getting married next year, and being from MI she is a huge Wings fan. I usually buy her tickets every year to the game when the Wings are in town as a birthday present, but the only time they are in CO this year is the stadium series game and the tickets are way higher than the normal price of a game there. I'm willing to spend the money for a decent set of seats for her as a wedding gift if anyone has a pair available, so I figured I'd post here before resorting to Stub Hub. I also posted this to the Reddit /r/DetroitRedWings sub in case anyone found this in a search... Thanks!
  2. heyooo
  3. Came to LGW to get my wallpaper on for October, and can't find anything. Is Matt or anyone else making monthly wallpapers? They are much better than anything I have the talent to make. Go Wings!
  4. GDT

    I'll just leave these here.....couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
  5. eh, but then i'd have to get a new one next year to say 12SC > 5 SC am i right? lol
  6. I think I'm settling on this one, since I'm also a Tigers and Lions fan Also since I have a Wings and Tigers logo on my rear window I've since got a new Jeep (went from 2 door to 4 door, and blue) but the same stickers are there...
  7. I don't see why not, if they allow this...