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    Fifey reacted to Draperfan in WCQF Game 5 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Predators 2   
    Nice language.....low life
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    Fifey reacted in Brendan Smith watch thread   
    Lidstrom's steady, intelligent play is missed. Ericsson's boneheadedness is not.
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    Fifey reacted to miller76 in Joey Mac   
    I would have no issues with Joey Mac being the back up the rest of the way, with one stipulation. Either stay late after practice playing pucks around the net, or just vow to let the d-men handle those duties.
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    Fifey reacted to Holmstrom96 in Jonathan Ericsson Watch Thread   
    Ericsson sucks tonight. Two penalties, one of which Edmonton scored on.
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    Fifey reacted to Holmstrom96 in WCQF Game 3 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Coyotes 2   
    I'm just glad that with Crobsy injured everything seems better. He's not constantly shoved down our throat. The NHL website doesn't dedicate %40 of all stories and links to Crosby anymore.
    He's a good player and all, but it just feels great to be liberated from the Crosby saturation.
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    Fifey reacted to GMRwings1983 in Jeremy Roenick   
    He was such a loudmouth prick, that I'm glad in a way that he never won the Cup.
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    Fifey reacted to blues_demitra38 in Toews: Most undeserving Conn Smyth winner in history?   
    The guy piles up secondary assists on his way to the finals, mails it in on the biggest stage and is awarded the Conn Smythe? I think, more than anything, this speaks to Chicago's depth. Personally, I think Niemi was more valuable to his team throughout the playoffs but it could have also gone to Duncan Keith or Patrick Kane as well. Yzerman look out, Johnny Toews is about to steal your legacy.
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    Fifey reacted to HankthaTank in Winter Classic set for 2011   
    Have already voiced my opinion on this... Epic fail Bettman. The Crosby overload is at its pinnacle and whoever states that this is a great decision is firmly plugged right up Crosby's ******* and is doing exactly what NBC and Bettman want. So keep it up sheep.
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    Fifey reacted to NBCnothingbutcrosby in Why would anyone want MTL to win.   
    I've been seeing alot on here that Wings fans want MTL to win it all and this is what I have to say:
    Honestly, MTL has 10+ more cups than we do. I would like to someday hope the wings will catch them and have the most cups of any team all-time. since MTL's last cup we've gained 4 up, so it's possible. Everyone rooting for MTL puzzles me, even though I hate all 3 teams left... Philly as I cringe saying it would be my choice. I hate Chicago and don't wanna hear them brag. MTL is a good hockey city and all, but c'mon now people.
    Having the most cups in the league would even further validate the hockeytown phrase without contestation. Ever notice how Blackhawk/Pens fans always try to say "Hockeytown in Detroit - NO WAY MTL is hockeytown.
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    Fifey reacted in Percentage of starts next year for Howard and Osgood   
    Get rid of Ozzie, Babcock won't use him. Get another goalie, a solid veteran that will be used by Babcock and rotate 66% to 33% in Howard's favour
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    Fifey reacted to Carman in No suspension for Hossa   
    Was not as fast or violent as Ovechkin's, thus I agree with no suspension. He was punished enough with a 5 minute major with only a couple minutes left and his team down a goal.
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    Fifey reacted in No suspension for Hossa   
    i think maybe because ovie was a repeat offender that he got suspened. where as hossa was not. its pretty much the same hit though. shouldve gotten at least 2 games i thought.
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    Fifey reacted to Carman in Automatic Chara suspension recinded   
    I've covered this with Malkin.
    It's not to stop fights that happen out of the spirit of the game.
    It's to stop sending out enforcers at the end of the game to send messages.
    Stop crying about the NHL on this issue, they are very clear on it.
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    Fifey got a reaction from umredwing11 in WCQF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Coyotes 1   
    And we all know that if it were Homer that did that, the goal would be called back and he'd be given 2 minutes in the box...
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    Fifey reacted in Pick an upset and defend it   
    No one believes that Nashville can upset Hawks unless they are wings fan and witnessed the battles they had with nashville all year..but hawks have owned preds as far as i know and don't seem to have as big of a problem with them as the wings have...
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    Fifey reacted to Carman in 3/22 GDT: Penguins 1 at Red Wings 3   
    You do know Yzerman has repeatedly compared Crosby to himself right?
    And calling him Canada's best player, the NHL's Michael Jordan etc...
    w/e jealous fans will stay jealous.
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    Fifey got a reaction from zettsyukwall415 in Ovie ejected   
    Even if this wasn't a dirty hit, it's EXACTLY the play that Micky talks about when he says players need to let up and know that they don't have to make the play. Like the Mike Greer almost-hit on Rafalski last night. Ovechkin is a HORRIBLE judge of when he needs to let up and NOT make a hit out of common courtesy to his fellow players.
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    Fifey got a reaction from Theophany in Ovie ejected   
    I'm so sick of hearing this faulty logic. Just because the league f***ed up and didn't suspend Cooke (and their logic there was faulty too) doesn't mean that something like this should be let go without a suspension since it wasn't "as bad".
    Every fan of hockey should be pissed about the Cooke non-suspension, but that's no reason to say that bad plays later should get the same outcome out of some sense of fairness.
    The league said no suspension for Cooke because there was no suspension on the Richards hit earlier this season, which is faulty logic since the non-suspension on Richards was a bad call to begin with.
    Admit that the prior call was bulls*** and start making the right call moving forward.